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November, 2017

  • 14 November

    Ethereum Now available On Luno – Ethereum hit a high of NGN 118,739

    Ethereum Now available On Luno

    Ethereum Now available On Luno Today, we’re excited to Announce that Ethereum is now available on Luno!   This means that all our verified Nigerian customers can now buy, sell and store Ethereum with Luno. Our core mission is to bring digital currencies to everyone, everywhere and we believe this is one giant step closer to achieving our goal. Thanks …

  • 12 November

    Bitcoin Gold Launched

    Bitcoin Gold Launched

    Bitcoin Gold Launched Cryptocurrency Top Information Just Got leaked by Applygist.com- Bitcoin Gold FULLY LAUNCHED The latest testnet, running all the underlying code necessary for Mainnet launch, is fully successful. Greetings, community! As we count down the final hours before Mainnet launch on Nov 12 at 7 PM (19:00 UTC), and the excitement builds, we want to keep everyone updated. …

  • 12 November

    November Genesis Bitcoin Mining Pre-sale – Update

    November Genesis Bitcoin Mining Presale

    November Genesis Bitcoin Mining Pre-sale Applygist and Other Bitcoin Miners, here is an important update The big news first: There’s a new pre-sale of fresh Bitcoin mining plans live right now! We’ve already sold more than half of our available hashpower so take a leap if you want to join in early. The last pre-sale batch that we’ve sold in …

  • 2 November

    Bitcoin Record Price Hits $7000

    Bitcoin Record Price Hits $7000

    Bitcoin Record Price Hits $7000 Bitcoin Record New Height ($6941),what Is Your Advice For Holder? Early this morning bitcoin hit $7000 and back to $6941 at the time of this post Could iran adoption driving the price of what, dont really understand this stuff again oooo We are in new month i hope there will be correction soon but when? …

October, 2017

  • 24 October

    Eroscoin ICO – Buy Eroscoin now very cheap

    Eroscoin ICO

    <> Eroscoin ICO Eroscoin is now on 3rd week of ICO where you can buy Eroscoin and get 10% Bones THE NEXT GENERATION GLOBAL PAYMENT SOLUTION That is what Eroscoin call themselves, I cam late, and now the truth is that Eroscoin has gone far on its Inicial Coin Sale, where investors are allowed to buy the coin very cheat …

  • 23 October

    Bittrex Will Trade Bitcoin Gold- 3 Shocking Facts about Bitcoin Gold

    Bittrex Will Trade Bitcoin Gold 3 Reasons Why I Think Bitcoin Gold Will Be Worth Nothing Or Very Little Bittrex has made it clear that they will list the Bitcoin Gold but will not allow their members to trade it for now. Bitcoin Gold codebase also contains a private premine of 8,000 blocks (100,000 BTG). Please be aware that if …

  • 16 October

    BTC HEAT Earn Guaranteed 0.00178449 BTC – I Earned Free bitcoins with this spin


    <> BTC HEAT Here is the fastest paying free Bitcoin Spinner, and get free spin every 3 Hours on BTC HEAT What is BTC HEAT all about BTC HEAT is a website where you can play free slots and other games and win real Bitcoins! Each visitor gets free spins and they refill every 3 hours. With a bit of …

  • 16 October

    Trusted Website Mine Ethereum – Legit Make Money from Cryptocurrency

    Easiest way of making money online

    <> Trusted Website Mine Ethereum Here is a Trusted Legit Website Mine Ethereum If you want to make good Trusted Website Mine Ethereum money legitimately in any risky venture, i will invite you to join over 1.000.000 people with the world’s leading hashpower provider How To START BITCOIN MINING TODAY! It’s super simple – Your mining rigs are already set …

  • 7 October

    How Do I Make Profit From Btc Investment – A-Z Guide

    Luno Bitcoin is Back in Nigeria

    <> How Do I Make Profit From Btc Investment Here is what experts suggest on how to make real profit from Bitcoin Investment pls traders and investors I will like you guys to explain to me You mentioned two things bro. Trading and Investors. Let’s start with that. Since you already have an idea of what the different ways of …

September, 2017

  • 25 September

    How Bitconnect Ecosystem Works

    exchange rate has dropped somewhat to $6,498, but that said, BTC is up 3.76 percent in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin Record Price Hits $7000

    Bitconnect has been one of the best investment so far this year and will continue to be.you might be wonder how the ecosystem work to make the price of bitconnect to soar high that reaching and setting new record every months. How the bitconnect work The BitConnect Coin price is a perceived regard for its supply and demand features designed …

  • 25 September

    First Blockchain Test On Disaster Relief in USA

    Blockchain first launch in USA

    First Blockchain Test On Disaster Relief in the USA Technology News Making rouns around controversy with Blockchain According to news making rounds, it has been reported over the devastation wreaked by this year’s hurricanes has not only highlighted an ever-greater need to prevent and protect against such loss; it has also brought to light an urgent need to improve disaster …

July, 2017

  • 21 July

    bitcoin site – Earn Bitcoins in 8 different ways Now!

    <> bitcoin site bitcoin site bitcoin site – Earn Bitcoins in 8 different ways Now! . Earn Bitcoins by accepting them as a means of payment In my opinion, the best and easiest way to earn Bitcoins is to accept them as a means of payment. If you have a small business, the integration is done quickly and easily. No …

  • 21 July

    Earn 0.007btc In 3hours Using Freebitco.in Script

    <> Earn 0.007btc Using Freebitco.in Script Here is how to Earn 0.007btc Using Freebitco.in Scrip for android and PC Users    Hello guys am back again with the new freebitco.in script! but this time we wanna earn real btc not satoshis lolz, Earn 0.007btc Using Freebitco.in Script Here is another Blazing app to rock free browsing World Wide with Psiphon A+ …

May, 2017

  • 26 May

    Luno Bitcoin is Back in Nigeria you can now withdraw directly to your bank account

    Luno Bitcoin is Back in Nigeria

    Luno Bitcoin is Back in Nigeria Luno Bitcoin is Back in Nigeria If you can remember what happened earlier this year, Luno Bitcoin got into a huge scandal where their bank in Nigeria got rozen. This resulted in a publication released by them.  IMPORTANT – We have deactivated bank transfers, meaning that you can no longer directly transfer naira to …

  • 25 May

    Bitcoin Scam Alert CEX.IO – Do not buy bitcoins from cex.io the site is not secured

    Bitcoin Scam Alert Hello Applygist readers, today I will make a quick review on Bitcoin Scam Alert over this website cex.io. Please, note that my article have no intention of causing any damage to cex.io reputation, but based on my own observation, the website has not made adequate security settings on the website that can guarantee customer usage. Before we …