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Three easy ways to convert BTC to EOS in 2020

Three easy ways to convert BTC to EOS in 2020

BTC and EOS comparison

Bitcoin is digital peer-to-peer cash established for limitless amounts of coins transfer with no central authority’s control of the circulation. All bitcoin transactions are recorded and tracked on their blockchain, public ledger. It is maintained by an interconnection of miners who are validating and reporting about each transmission on the database. The main features of the coin are lower fees, anonymous transactions, and long-term carriage permission.  The disadvantage is a mining equipment specialist requirement. BTC allows payment for goods and services and a store of value between no more than two people. The total supply of Bitcoin is written into its code. The maximum limit is 21 million coins, with approximately 17.1 million BTC (or approximately 81% of the total supply).


EOS.IO, a blockchain network that reproduces the functionality of a computer’s hardware and operating system, shares such a cryptocurrency as EOS. The e-currency acts as an ecosystem that offers all the tools and services necessary for application developers’ linkage for dApps, user accounts, authentication, and database building. One of the main goals of the platform is to maintain thousands of commercial-scale dApps. The whole structure does give fast transactions yet it can be inflationary. The maximum supply of EOS is set at 1 billion, with approximately 896 million tokens circulating. 10% of the coin supply was not included in the public sale and was instead reserved for block.one, the company that built the EOS software.

BTC and EOS exchange pair

BTC and EOS exchange “duo” makes it the fastest to be converted and swapped to each other. All the online exchange tools allow BTC to EOS exchange and vice versa for the market price. The top 10 platforms for the operation are 1. Godex.io; 2. eToro; 3. Revolut; 4. Coinmama; 5. ZenGo; 6. Crypto.com; 7. Coinbase; 8. KuCoin; 9. Kraken; 10. Paxful.

3 easiest ways to convert btc to eos in 2020

The three software that allow the process are Godex.io; CoinMill.com; Freecurrencyrates.com. Godex provides anonymous cryptocurrency conversion service with 200+ coins available and demands no personal data or registrations. The developers have been working on secure protocols to create the protected conversion from Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Attacks that purposefully disrupt the work of a targeted server or network, which is BTC. In case anything goes wrong, the customer support is ready 24/7.

For Godex, the quick and easy conversion instruction is to select the match for the conversion → enter the amount of both coins → click Exchange. To convert via CoinMill: submit the amount of the currencies → click “Swap currencies” → choose either EOS or BTC to convert. And, finally, the Free Currency Rates works similarly, just please make sure you check the current exchange rate for both of the coins; for example, it is currently 6774.68 which means EOS 6774.67 is to be received for 1 BTC.

Step by step guide on how to exchange BTC to EOS on Godex.io

Godex.io tool ensures that every single user’s data is encoded and remains anonymous. The transaction volume and number is limitless. The BTC to EOS transfer rate can be calculated in its price in dollars. Godex utilizes International Currency Exchange Rate (ICER) for the current exchange and many others, thus, you can sell Bitcoin and get EOS in a few minutes at any moment.

To convert btc to eos, please follow this order of actions: select two coins for the change and set the amount → check the recipient’s (EOS) address and order details → click Exchange.


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