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10 Best Free Android Printer Apps 2019
10 Best Free Android Printer Apps 2019

10 Best Free Android Printer Apps 2019

10 Best Free Android Printer Apps 2019

Undoubtedly, technology keeps making things easy for everyone of us. Right now, with just an Android smartphone and a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth supported printer like HP wireless printer, it is possible to print documents easily using a printer app.

Many things we used to do with computers can now be conveniently settled with Android phones. For instance, anywhere you are with your smartphone, you can easily check your email, browse the web, graphic designs, and so on.

10 Best Free Android Printer Apps 2019
10 Best Free Android Printer Apps 2019

As we keep seeing more improvements in technology, it becomes possible to print with an Android phone. Although there are several apps that can help achieve this, here are the ones we can recommend.

1. Mobile Print

This is a famous printer app for android that allows one to print anything from one’s Android device without issues. It also supports printing from cloud storage, even though its user interface is not as superb as its features.

2. Star Print
Here is another free document printing app for android that can connect with a printer hardware device using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB. In case you are having difficulties using it, simply make use of YouTube to see how to go about it.

3. Cloud Printer

This connects one’s mobile phone and printer through cloud services instead of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Take note that to appropriately make use of this, the printer must support Google cloud services.

4. Brother iPrint And Scan
It serves both as a printer and a scanner, therefore, it is one of the best out there. You can head over to Google Play Store to download it right now.

5. Epson iPrint

This is also available for both Android and iOS devices, and it can be used to print documents from one’s smartphone wirelessly. Epson iPrint also supports some cloud storage services that helps one to easily print docs online.

6. Samsung Mobile Print
Samsung Mobile Print has a nice looking user interface. However, it should be noted that itworks best for Samsung printers that supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.

7. Cloud Print Plus

Here is another app that can be used to get the job easily done, and it supports google cloud print services. You can download it straightway and begin to enjoy it numerous features.

8. PrintHand Mobile Print

Another superb app out there that gives users control over the documents that they intend printing. It has various impressive features, including to customize paper size, switch colours for documents, etc.

9. HP Smart (Printer Remote)

It should be noted that this one works mainly with wireless HP printers. To make use of it, simply set it up with your Android phone by connecting through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Immediately you have done that, you can choose to use it to remotely print documents from your phone without issues. If you are experiencing difficulties in making use of this app, you should simply visit YouTube and watch tutorials on how to get it done.

10. Printer Share

This app is pretty unique for supporting printing of documents of different formats such as .doc, .docx, xls, .xlsx, and so on and so forth,. Anyone can utilise Printer Share to print txt files from their SD card. Additional, you can choose to print images from your albums, and it can be easily done as it is compatible with most wireless printers that supports Wi-Fi connections.

In Conclusion

Considering how technology keeps getting better by the day, and how Android phones and its operating system is been enhanced to make things easier, we won’t be surprised if by tomorrow, you get to your office and you won’t see computers there again. It is now quite easy to scan and print out documents with your phone. Download any of these apps and begin to make use of them immediately.


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