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Become A Data Airtime And Bill Payment Re-sellers

Data Airtime And Bill Payment Re-sellers Needed

Start Making money using your mobile phone and make as much as 25,000 every month.

Paycheap Nigeria  Best Data reseller in Nigeria. All you need is a smartphone with internet services and you are good to go. To Get started visit our website paycheap.ng and register with 1000. With this, we would provide you with your account. From your account, you can start making sales and keep the profit.  Best Data reseller in NigeriaAdditionally every month you can get a share of the company profits


Requirements and Skills to start Data Resell

1. A Mobile Phone with internet
2. 1000 Registration Fees
3. Email address and phone number
4. You must be smart and ready to respond to customers orders 24/7
5. Good business management

All you need is a will to make money right from your comfort zone. You don’t need an office to start Data resell business and no investment required. Just activate your account with 1,000 Login and fund wallet with any amount and start sales.

Tell friends and family you offer cheap Data Bundles. List of our Rates are listed below

MTN Cheap Data Plans

500 MB = ₦250
1GB = ₦450
2GB = ₦900
5GB = ₦2300
10GB = ₦4500

GLO Cheap Data Plans 

1 GB = ₦460
1.8GB = ₦900
4.5GB = ₦1800
7.2GB = ₦2300
8.25GB = ₦2600
12.5GB = ₦3650

9MOBILE Cheap Data Plans 

40MB = ₦100
150MB = ₦200
500MB = ₦500
1GB = ₦900
1.5GB = ₦1100
2.5GB = ₦2000
4GB = ₦3000
5.5GB = ₦4000

AIRTEL Cheap Data Plans 

20MB = ₦55
75MB = ₦100
200MB = ₦220
350MB = ₦300
750MB = ₦510
1.5GB = ₦950
3.5GB = ₦1900
5.5GB = ₦3000

Now you can sell at Higher rates to your customers and the gain is your own. Lest not speak too much English visit paycheap.ng register lets start a business.

Start Data Resell Here

WHATSAPP LINE: +1 6124446079 CALL LINES: 07057674125

Paycheap.ng is a web and mobile platform where users can purchase Mobile Data Bundles, VTU Airtime, Bulk SMS, Pay Electricity Bills, TV Subscription, Transfer money to any Nigerian Bank, Generate WAEC PIN, Exchange Recharge Card for Cash and more. It is an online platform to pay bills cheap in Nigeria and get rewarded at the same time. We have designed our website to accommodate both users and resellers/agents. Providing users of our platform the opportunity to save cost, make fast, secured, efficient and rewarding purchases and bill payments.

Data Airtime And Bill Payment Re-sellers
Data Airtime And Bill Payment Re-sellers

Paycheap.ng Services and Benefits

Paycheap.ng is a platform where we offer wholesale rates on;
  • Data Bundles – Example MTN 1gb as low as 450/470. With this you can save money buying for personal use, for those who want to make money, you can sell to the public at high rates example Buy 1gb 450 sell at 500, Buy MTN 2gb 900 Sell at 1000 and make profit.
  • Airtime VTU Top-up – MTN 3% Discount and others networks 4% Discount
  • Pay NEPA/PHCN Bills for Prepaid Meter and Postpaid Meter at a convenient rate. Generate the Meter Token right from your phone, and enter it on your Meter.
  • Send Bulk SMS to Even DND phone numbers. All your recipients will receive your messages. This helps a lot as we have a whole Server to ensure SMS works.
  • Instant Money Transfer. It’s amazing that on your dashboard you can transfer all your Wallet funds to any Nigerian Bank 24/7, Funds will be received in less than 30 seconds.
  • WEAC PIN- You can generate WAEC Result Checking PIN right on your phone with paycheap.ng.
  • Earn Money – We sell to you at Wholesale, now get customers, collect cash and sell these to them at your own rate. Or use your referral link to register others and get instant N500 which is credited to your Wallet. This can be transferred to your bank immediately.

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