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6 Ways To Fix iPhone Charging Problem in 2019

6 Ways To Fix iPhone Charging Problem in 2019

Considering how much money that’s being spent on acquiring iPhone devices, it is annoying when they develop charging problems.

However, there are a number of methods that can be utilized to fix this issue, and you don’t have to give yourself much headaches when it comes up.

6 Ways To Fix iPhone Charging Problem in 2019
6 Ways To Fix iPhone Charging Problem in 2019

In this article, we will explore some of them.

Nevertheless, before looking for how to get it fixed, it is necessary to identify the cause first before anything else. Of course, changing the battery might really be the first thing that comes to heart if it won’t charge. Nevertheless, there might be something else wrong with it, and before having to splash a lot of cash, you should try to see what went wrong with it.

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Here are possible ways to fix your iPhone charging problem in 2019

1. Software

It might be that after installing a new version of iOS, something went wrong that affected the charging part. There are times when the iPhone won’t charge because of a bug in the software. Therefore, restarting your iPhone or re-installing the software can be the solution. Apple will usually release a fix for the issue. So, if it is this issue, don’t worry, a solution will definitely come.

2. Check Your Lightning Cable For Damage

If the device isn’t charging, you can check to confirm if your lightning cable is damaged in one way or another. This can be the issue at times, and you are thinking it is something big. Therefore, simply try to charge your device with another cable. If other cables should work well, it simply means that your cable is faulty and you should replace it.

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3. Check Your Wall Charger

The issue might neither be from your device’s charging port or even your cable.. The issue might be from the wall charger that is faulty. To find out if the problem is emanating from this, you can try charging the iPhone with another charger. Of course, if this is the issue, then you will need to get another one to replace the faulty one. Ensure you buy nothing other than the original one.

4. Check Charging Port For Dirt Or Damage

If none of the above is the issue, simply check the device’s charging port for dirt or damage. If after checking them and you discovered that there are dirt or gunk there, simply make use of things like a soft tooth brush to remove it. However, if the port has been damaged, you should get it fixed.

5. The Battery

The battery might also be the issue, and so, you should try to determine if the fault is coming from that part too. If the issue is not from the already listed ones, how about checking the battery? To avoid more issues, take it to an authorised service centre to get it fixed.

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6. Your iPhone Might Need Repair Work

However, the issue might be more complicated than you imagined. There might be some components that are faulty and so, you must take the device to an authorised service centre to get it fixed.

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Don’t forget that If the device is less than one year old, they might be done freely or cheaply for you.


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