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2024 List of Productive Apps on Android

The wrong apps will leave you struggling with complicated interfaces. Check out this list of top Android productive apps that are easy to use.
Navigating academics is not easy, especially with all the distractions that digital platforms bring. Students often have tons of homework to complete, fast-approaching deadlines, and exams waiting for them. One can easily get distracted and feel overwhelmed by this workload. Various applications can help manage an academic load better. However, wrong applications will leave you struggling with complicated interfaces. Here’s a compilation of top Android productive apps that are easy to use.

Forest helps you to remain focused while studying and avoid any distractions. When starting a study session, the app allows you to plant a tree, which will continue to grow throughout the session. Anytime you use the phone, the tree will die. As you work for more hours without touching the phone, more trees grow. The company that designed this genius method of avoiding distractions based the concept on environmental sustainability; when people plant trees, it’s a win-win situation for them and the environment.

Do assignment deadlines often catch you off guard, forcing you to purchase papers from an online essay writing service so you can turn your work in? Todoist can help minimize such cases. It helps in creating a list of activities you intend to undertake. It is ideal for those who desire a straightforward way of managing basic tasks. You only need to press the add button and type the names of the tasks that you desire to complete and the due dates for every task. You will also create reminders to alert you of the tasks.

Google Calendar
Planning is essential to avoid missing meaningful engagements. A calendar is a good way to plan and stay ahead of your responsibilities and engagements. You have the option of using a paper wall calendar to plan your activities, but there are so many things that you will miss out on in the process. Google Calendar comes with many features that are useful for managing important events like meetings. For instance, it allows you to store a link to your Zoom meetings and even the location of physical meetings. It also allows you to invite others to events or meetings you plan. Thus, it saves you the time you would have used to send invitations to people.

Cold Turkey
If you struggle to keep track of some websites that keep distracting you from your studies, Cold Turkey is what you need. The application allows you to set a timer, and throughout the timer, distracting websites will get blocked. There is no way to unblock and access the sites unless your timer stops. This distraction killer even allows you to block the entire internet. Thus, it’s an excellent productivity tool that will keep you focused on your books or assignments until the study session is over.

Evernote is a tool that lets you organize your college life to the fullest extent by taking notes and making to-do lists. Additionally, the application also gives you the ability to obtain texts recognized from images. Furthermore, it allows the possibility of sharing project files with people. With the availability of the file-sharing feature, the application becomes the top candidate for group projects.

Freedom is also an outstanding application that enables you to eliminate any distractions. At times, you will get distracted by your surroundings while you study. The internet is even worse since there are too many distractions, which leave you unable to fully focus on the tasks. This challenge warrants the need to install applications that keep distractions at bay to boost your productivity. Freedom works with every operating system and blocks apps on every device. For example, if you block Facebook on your phone, it will still appear blocked if you try to access it on your laptop, thus preventing switching from one device to another.

Zoom is a must-have application for any student. This app is ideal for people who like live discussions like video calls. It is different from the other video meeting applications as it is user-friendly and highly reliable. The resolution is also crisp, and the video call is in high-definition. There are a lot of collaboration tools present in the application like screen sharing. Using Zoom, you can have live discussions with other students where a group project is involved and work together on the project from your home without meeting face-to-face.

Google Drive
Losing files is often a frustrating experience, especially when the time is running out and you just don’t have time to do the task again. Google Drive is the solution for losing files. This application allows you to store your documents in the cloud, and you can use them without having to download them. If you desire to install an app that will give you a service that is free and has a lot of storage with strong security, Google Drive is the right application for you.

If you do not have adequate time to edit your documents, consider having Grammarly as your editor. If you have a lot to write, you will need a lot of time to edit your work and reread it to capture mistakes. Grammarly eradicates this hassle. It automatically detects different grammar errors and incorrect spellings and provides various suggestions that you might use to make your sentence structures better.

There is no denying that school life is sometimes hectic, and one is bombarded with many tasks that might overwhelm them. Knowing the right applications to make your student’s life easier is important to attaining success during a hectic schedule. Some applications help to manage and plan schedules better. They ensure you do not miss any deadlines, helping you turn in your assignments punctually. Some block websites and reduce any distractions that you might face when studying. Others help you securely store your documents. The above list provides some of the top applications that will help you boost your productivity. Identify the challenges you want to eradicate and pick appropriate applications for the job.

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