5 Best Free Offline Zombie Games for Android 2019

If you are a fan of scary fictional undead video games, you can now enjoy it on Android, and can now enjoy it without internet or wifi connection. For lovers of these types of games, this article will explore zombie games that can be played offline without internet connection.

5 Best Free Offline Zombie Games for Android 2019
5 Best Free Offline Zombie Games for Android 2019

Without wasting more time, here are nice zombie games that can be played offline without internet data or WiFi:

1. Into the Dead 2

This is a story-based action-packed game that can be played without internet connection, and it was set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies. As a user, there is a responsibility to save your family from the nasty attack of deadly zombies. Users are to accomplish their mission by making use of various weapons and explosives.

2. Dead Effect 2

This is the second version of “dead effect” mobile game for Android that has a lot of improvements particularly in graphics. Users will enjoy a super realistic picture of game characters and environments. Dead Effect 2 has three characters with various attributes, and a player must be careful not to be killed by the enemies. The more battle won, the more coin that will be earned to accumulate a lot of points (coins) that can be used to upgraded their weapons.

3. Unkilled

This is a free offline zombie shooter game that can be enjoyed without the internet. Users can get addicted to the game as they experience various interesting things that will get them awed. Generally, games of this sort usually have huge size. However, Unkilled is still kinda light when compared with others.

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Additionally, there are various weapons that can be used by players of the game to achieve their aims and objectives while playing the game. Weapons like sniper rifles and so on and so forth.

4. Dead Trigger 2

Here is another interesting Zombie game that can be played without the need for internet. The game is a big improvement to the one that used to be known, and users get to enjoy more stuffs like graphics and the rest (including the fact that some bugs have been fixed)

A player is expected to do all that can be done to ensure they survive the apocalypse using the large variety of weapons available at their disposal. It requires skillful use of their weapons to attack and finish the enemies and be victorious.

5. The Walking Dead: Season One & Two

This is a superb story-based offline zombie game that is already famous, as it is a household TV series. As a player, you are the one that will determine how the game will end by your decisions. Therefore, it is important to do all that can be done to be very careful and ensure you won’t take steps that will make the enemies get you easily.

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As at now, it has two seasons, and it is getting a lot of attention. However, it should be noted that while the first episode in season 1 is free to play, other episodes are not. So while it is pretty interesting and famous more than various others, it is not entirely free.

In Conclusion

It is known that a lot of people loves Android games and they don’t joke with it. Additionally, people prefer offline games where they won’t have to splash too much resources on internet Data. Since we are aware that there are a lot of game lovers who loves playing zombie games, the list will guide you to pick nice offline games that you can play anytime.



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