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Where and How to Create a Logo Easily

Where and How to Create a Logo Easily

 Where and How to Create a Logo Easily

Where and How to Create a Logo Easily

When you decide to create a website or launch a brand, it is essential to have a visual identity. Indeed, if you think about brands you know, you will see that you can easily associate their logo. It is, therefore, necessary to find excellent tools to create a quality logo. And luckily, thanks to the internet, it has never been easier to design a logo for a project. Whether you decide to trust software or go online, creating a logo can be incredibly easy and quick.


Create a logo using professional graphics software.


Professional designers have at their disposal many tools to create a logo. Of course, solutions such as software from the Adobe suite are appreciated if you know how to use them. Yet, if you have no idea of the logo designing, the designing resource you want to apply or what you want to transmit, these tools will not be useful.


Create a logo using logo-generating software


Fortunately, there are massive programs on the market that are entirely dedicated to creating logos. These programs have been designed to be easy to access, even for non-designer. The user can, in a few clicks, choose his font, give a precise form to the text, adding icons and shapes and manage the position of each element. Another of the benefits of these programs is that they do not need an internet connection to work. Most of the logo creation software is paid for, but some offer a free logo download with some limited features.


Online logo creation services: the best solution?


If you do not want to download huge storage software to bother your computer running, then the online logo maker would be a great choice. So you do not need to download and install the program since everything is done on a browser, whether you are on your own computer or on any device that connects the internet.

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In this post, one of the best logo makers, DesignEvo, is going to introduce to you. Also, you can try how to make your logo with this tool. Let’s check out this tool.

DesignEvo: how does it work?

DesignEvo how does it work
DesignEvo how does it work

It is a straightforward solution to achieve a truly professional logo. With this tool, no need to get help from graphics designers; you can design your logo alone! You will use an existing database of logos.


Step 1: Choose a logo template.

Choose a logo template
Choose a logo template

When accessing the official website, click on “Make a Free Logo,” and you will be redirected to the creation page. And then just to pick a suit template. To find the best one, you could enter keywords to match related template or browse from 19 categories.


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Step 2: Customize the logo template.


On the left bar of the editing page, you can see the Icon, Text, Shape and Background tabs, which will enable you to customize your logo.


After inserting the desired object, you can edit color, size and placement using the tools that will appear above the logo canvas.


Step 3: Save it.

cooler things with DesignEvo
cooler things with DesignEvo

We created an example of a simple logo for a cafe blog. Note that below the logo there is an option with the measurements. In the example, it is 500x500px. The larger this measurement, the larger the image will be. Ideally, download it in the largest size allowed by the 2000x2000px tool so you can use your logo in larger areas without losing quality.



If you are satisfied with your creation, simply click the “Download” button.


In this example, we created a straightforward logo but using your creativity, you can do much cooler things with DesignEvo.


You can recreate pre-made logos by selecting the desired category on this page and editing the template you like best. Also, you can create your logo from scratch, add the main icon and perfect it.

Final considerations

Now you know how to create free online logos using DesignEvo. If the budget is tight, you can take advantage of this free tool. Sound great. If you are looking for your exclusive logo, then you may need to use this tool to get your ones.



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