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How to Convert Mov to MP4 Free (Online & Offline) Methods

How to Convert Mov to MP4 Free (Online & Offline) Methods

Many people are interested in knowing how they can convert mov to mp4. Well, if you are one of them, ensure you read the article to the end.

You should note that the process is free, and you can get it done through either online or offline method.

It’s generally known that mp4 is more popular and more accepted by most digital devices including computers, smartphones and media players, so it’s not surprising seeing people searching for tutorials to help them transfer other files into mp4.

First, in case you don’t know what a Mov File is, it’s actually a common multimedia container file format developed by Apple and compatible with both Macintosh and Windows platforms (they popularly use the MPEG-4 codec for compression)

Mov to mp4
Mov to mp4

A MP4 on the other hand, is a digital multimedia container format most commonly used to store video and audio. And of course, there are some similarities and differences between Mov file formats and MP4 file formats.

Both are encoded with the same codec and can be used as multimedia container. They also produces the same video quality in the same codec.

Nevertheless, the major difference between the duo is that mp4 is more compatible with many devices as it has more tagging options. While MP4 can be played in virtually all operating systems and smartphones, the other one may not be playable on most smartphones and operating systems.

Having treated those, let’s now dwell on how to convert mov to mp4.

Take note that you can get it done using either online or offline method – so, the liberty is yours.

How To Convert Mov To MP4

First Method: Utilising An Online Converter (Media.io)

With media.io, anyone can convert .mov to . Mp4 online. This is a simple online tool that is utilised to convert many video and audio file formats.

Let’s highlight some features Of Media.io

• Media.io supports up to 1000+ audio or video formats for input and output.
• The converting process of this tool is pretty faster than any other online converter.
• Media.io supports batch conversion in less time.
• It can convert and download unlimited videos to mp3 format. (In summary Mp4 to Mp3)
• Zero waiting time for uploading and uploading files.

So, here are the procedures involved in converting your MOV To MP4 Online

The first step is to go to the Media.io website, and then tap on the (+) sign to Add The File you wish to convert.

Next, select mp4 in the “Convert to” section, and begin to convert it. After that, simply wait for some time the video file to convert.

When the conversion is set, the said file should be ready for download. You will see the option to simply download it to your device.

And that’s all. It’s quite easy and straightforward.


The conversion time is dependent on some factors such as the size of the file you intend converting, as well as the strength of the internet connection.

So, it means the smaller the size of the file you intend converting, the faster the conversion process. And then, with a strong connection, you should get your file quick enough.

Second Method: Convert MOV To MP4 Offline

Converting to mp4 is not only limited to online stuffs alone, you can also get it done offline. Some people prefer doing it this method, as it means you won’t have to make use of internet connection or data (which is one of the advantages it has over the online method)

Apart from saving you a reasonable amount of data, you also get to see your files converted faster (while someone using the online method might battle with poor network connection)


• First, move to Media website and download wondershare Converter by clicking on “Get Desktop Convert” on the homepage.
• Download and install on your computer.
• Simply follow the simple on-screen instructions convert your video files from mov to mp4 or vise versa.


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