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Should You Use A Free PDF to Word Converter?

Should You Use A Free PDF to Word Converter?

You might be a web content writer, or you write posts and blogs for a website. When your work is uploaded and displayed on the site, you might discover some errors in it, and you want to correct them. You know that the content/post/blog is being displayed in PDF format, and you cannot do online updates to it.

Convert any PDF File With Free Online Tool
How To Convert any PDF File With Free Online Tool

Now you have two choices; you can use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Adobe PDF Pack, and Adobe Export PDF. You will have to subscribe monthly or annually to use any of these products. The second option is to use a free PDF to Word converter by duplichecker.

Google for PDF to Word converter, and you will find thousands of sites imploring you to use them for free. Each website will be advertising how good their services are, but what they won’t tell you are the disadvantages of their converters. This is a marketing ploy that’s used when advertising any product.

A chocolate maker will never advertise that you can grow fat by consuming too many chocolates. Similarly, free PDF to Word converters won’t tell you that you will lose all or some of the formatting that’s in the original PDF file.

So, if you are going to download a PDF file and convert it to Word, be ready to reset all the formatting. This can be a nuisance if the PDF file contains tables, indexes, images, and references.


Test the free PDF to Word Converter

Using a free PDF to Word converter really depends on the type of work that you do. If you work for a company that uses PDF files to exchange written communication, you won’t have to worry as they will also provide you with the Adobe products to do the conversion.

Alternative we have an option for this which is called PDF WIZ. Developed by Starzsoft, PDF WIZ is a 100% free pdf toolkit. It helps convert PDF documents to Word, PPT, Excel, TXT, and HTML. It also helps compress, merge and split PDF files. The major advantages of PDF WIZ compared to other counterparts becasue it convert PDF to Word for free without feature limit, email registration, privacy risks, PDF WIZ is, without doubt, your best choice.

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If you have to do conversions on a regular basis, then pay and get one of the Adobe products.

But if you don’t have to do this type of work and need to do conversions on an ”as is needed” basis, opt for a free PDF to Word converter. Yes, show a bit of patience and test the free PDF to Word converter applications before you decide which one to use. If the PDF document has simple text paragraphs, then using any of the converters should do fine.

But if it’s a book report, thesis, or a document with tables, images, and graphs, then you need to choose carefully. You will end up more time in reformatting and aligning everything then the time it will take for you to do the corrections. So, don’t jump at the first PDF to Word converter and find out it has increased your workload.

Another factor that you have to watch out for is that PDF is a universal format, and it’s the most popular used format for displaying content on websites.

When you want to convert PDF to Word, you should watch out for the version of Microsoft version of Word that you want to convert to. So just be sure that the free PDF to Word converter that you plan to use supports conversion to different versions of Microsoft Word.


Converting PDF to Word on Android phones

So far, we have assumed that you want to convert PDF to Word on a computer. But today, we have become more dependent on our smartphones for work. If you have an Android phone, there are some very good applications available to do this work. They convert the PDF file to Word format. Some of the apps allow you to do a two-way conversion, which is very convenient. You convert the PDF to Word, make changes to it, and convert it back to PDF. So, depending on your requirements, you can use a PDF to Word converter while on the move, and you don’t have to carry your laptop around. How to Convert Mov to MP4 Free (Online & Offline) Methods

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Convert PDF to Word on iPhone or iPad

Converting PDF files to Word is not limited to doing the conversion on a computer or Android phone. You can do the conversion on an iPhone or iPad. Yes, there are applications available that provide this facility. All you have to do is browse through them and select the one that you want to use a little research should get you there.

How To Convert any PDF File With Free Online Tool

That’s it!

Now you have got a fair idea about how you can convert PDF to Word files across any computer or smartphone that you are using. Now you can easily do this work without hitting delays in meeting deadlines. Just make sure you are using the right version for the conversion, and it supports the version you want it to convert the file too.

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