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Innovative ways to Use Google in Education

Innovative ways to Use Google in Education

We live in a new glorious era where CFT computer monitors are relics, an era where wired phones are quickly becoming a thing of the past, an era where you no longer need to wait your turn at a phone booth inorder to make a phone call.

Smartphones are the in thing noweverybody has got one, even kids. We now live in the Emoji and LOL era. The pros and cons of this is a never-ending debate. What is clear, however, is that the advent of smartphones, as well as other portable devices that have made things easier for all of us. Communication is now easy; we can easily stay informed and most of all its easier to locate our loved ones.

Innovative ways to Use Google in Education
Innovative ways to Use Google in Education

The most underrated part of current technology is its effect on education. This point gets lost in the pudding because the world of internet and social media is mostly about entertainment, hooking up, and displaying our semi-real lives all over social platforms. The funny videos get the attention, the busty women get all the likes and shares, the educational part is relegated to the backbench for the most part.

Smart schools are however picking up on this and are exploiting search engines like Google to give valuable lessons to kids. Google has grown to become a major player in the educational sector not just with young kids, but also with young college-going adults. Carrying out an assignment without doing Google searches in this day and age is practically unheard of. it’s not just with school-going kids either, our dads and moms are also finding Google useful for any questions they might have about practically anything.

Google though has to be lauded for its investment in resources that bring teachers, students, and institutions together on that platform. Google is relentless in its unleashing of new productive and creative tools captured under their G suite, dedicated to education which is amazingly free of charge. Let us now ponder on the various ingenious and innovative ways Google can enable the improvement of the education system.

  1. Google Scholar

College students know this tool very well. This application places all the scholarly material in one place. It does not display public web content that you normally see on search engines, but you can easily use this tool to access valuable information on any topic. The information includes sources such as articles, books, and abstracts with links to the original text for further perusal. The best part is that this tool is absolutely free. What a genius, effective, and innovative way to spread valuable information.

  1. Google Classroom

This is a relatively new tool that is becoming popular in schools by the day. Released in 2014, Google Classroom is a tool that makes it possible to simplify creating, distributing, and grading assignments in a paperless way. Sounds cool right? That is not all; the tool also integrates services like Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Gmail to aid schools teach in a paperless way; which is a huge advantage forstudents that are used to do their homework on the computer or order it at custom writing services like Pro-Papers.

Educators easily create assignments and distribute them to students with the help of Google drive, and Gmail is used to confer messages to students. Students can also gain access to classes through a Google Apps directory that generates codes that students can use to gain access to the class.

  1. Gmail

Gmail has proved to be a leader in the world of communication. Trusted by millions for its secure and powerful nature, Gmail has proved to be an asset not only in the corporate and business world but also in the education sector. Schools smartly exploit the tools device synchronization abilities, storage abilities and email notification facilities to send messages to students, parents, and school staff…

  1. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is by far one of the most popular releases by Google. A Google hangout is a free video-conferencing service that has some distinct features which set it apart from its rivals. Google Hangouts make it convenient for teachers and students to communicate and hangout. One of the best things about Google hangouts is its interoperability with other internet tools such as YouTube, calendar, and Gmail. Teachers can use this service to communicate with students even when both parties are miles apart. Students can also easily get clarifications on topics that were unclear, as well as quick and on-time feedback.

Google has indeed impacted the education sector positively, lacing the sector with useful tools that are quite accessible, affordable, and easy to use. Google is therefore at the center of the educational revolution that has been going on in the last couple of years and such a trend will only continue to grow.

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