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How To Enjoy Glo Stay Home Data Plan – Free And Cheap Data


As we know, a popular slogan prevalent in our world today is ‘Stay at Home’, brought about by
the coronavirus pandemic. In Nigeria, several places are on lockdown. Therefore, as a
contribution on their part, foremost Nigerian Telecom, Glo, has introduced a new data plan
offer that is called “Stay Home Data Plan”.

With this plan, Glo subscribers can enjoy up to 20% more data when they renew or purchase a

Although their network is currently not topnotch, the fact remains that Globacom Nigeria is
doing great for the country, as they ensured Nigerians can easily get cheap data to surf the
internet. In other words, their data plans in recent times are affordable – priding themselves as
the grandmasters of data in Nigeria.

Glo management has donated big money to fight the pandemic in the country, and they have
also introduced another affordable data plan (apart from this Stay at Home offer), which is the
1.25GB for N200.

Glo Stay at Home Data

Glo customers can now start getting 20 percent more data irrespective of the data plan they
purchase. Amazing, this doesn’t select SIM – it is for everyone using Glo. So, the bonus offers
start from N100 with 5% addition and more.

Here is what they stated:

“The more data you buy, the more data bonus you enjoy. For example, an N20,000 data plan
will attract up to 20% more data, while an N100 data plan will give the subscriber up to 5%
more data”

Here is the breakdown Glo Nigeria did on their website:

– The N100 plan now receives 105MB instead of 90MB, an extra 15MB.
– The N500 bundle now receives 1.05GB instead of the former 1GB, an extra 50MB
– The N1000 bundle now receives 2.5GB instead of the previous 2.3GB, an extra 200MB.
– The N2000 bundle now receives 5.8GB instead of the old 5.25GB, an extra.
– The N3,000 data now receive 10GB instead of the former 9GB, an extra 1GB.
– The N20,000 bundle now receive 138GB instead of the former 115GB, an extra 23GB.

How To Activate The Plan

To enjoy this new plan offer, Glo users should simply dial *777# (plan menu) and choose the
plan of their choice. Glo also made it known that the data plans can also be purchased at

According to the company, a user Glo will automatically enjoy up to 20% more data when they
tops up their data. You should have understood by now that the percentage of data bonus
enjoyed, depends on how much data you subscribed to.

In conclusion, we don’t know if the company will continue with this offer after we are finally
defeat the coronavirus issues, or if they will continue with it even after the pandemic has been
defeated. But till then, you can continue enjoying it anyhow you like. If you don’t have a Glo sim
yet, you should get yours and keep on enjoying it.

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