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May, 2023

  • 9 May

    2023 MTN 120GB FREE Browsing Cheat

    Stark VPN File for MTN 0.00 Cheat

    Hаvе уоu еvеr browsed fоr free uѕing уоur MTN line? Or hаvе уоu еvеr uѕеd аnу MTN data cheat code thаt givеѕ unlimited data before? Whеthеr уоu hаvе оr уоu haven’t, hеrе in thiѕ post today, I’ll show уоu ѕоmе оf thе cheapest, mоѕt amazing, аnd latest MTN cheat codes fоr extremely cheat bundles, аnd оf course, FREE data. If …

May, 2020

  • 2 May

    How To Enjoy Glo Stay Home Data Plan – Free And Cheap Data


      As we know, a popular slogan prevalent in our world today is ‘Stay at Home’, brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. In Nigeria, several places are on lockdown. Therefore, as a contribution on their part, foremost Nigerian Telecom, Glo, has introduced a new data plan offer that is called “Stay Home Data Plan”. With this plan, Glo subscribers can …

  • 2 May

    Ntel 4G LTE Data Bundle & Tariff Plan – List of Compatible Smartphone


      In case you don’t know yet, Ntel Nigeria has kicked off its tariff and data service, and you can start enjoying their pleasant offers. The firm has released their bundle plan which can be enjoyed by people who are with their SIM card. Ntel Frequency Band It is necessary to talk about their frequency band for proper understanding. So, …

June, 2018

  • 6 June

    Glo Free Browsing Cheat This June

    Glo Free Browsing Cheat This June Glo Free Browsing Cheat Glo all the way is the code for this month with their numerous free browsing tips. Today I will show us how to activate, make use of and enjoy Glo maximum Free Browsing tweak/Cheat on your phone or Laptop as Glo developed a free YouTube night browsing for their monthly data subscribers. …

January, 2018

  • 24 January

    N500 Gets you 2GB on glo unlimited

    This is a shocking news because normally, N500 gives you at most 800Mb,but glo Gives 2GB How can you do this? ?Dial *777# ?Click on buy data ?Click 3G-4G ?Click Small plans ?Click more ?Click on N500 for 2GB ?Click YES Then you are done Congratulations, you just got 2GB for N500 ♒Note: its valid for two weeks ♒For other …

  • 2 January

    New glo data plans and codes to activate them

    Among all the network providers in Nigeria, Glo is one of those that offers cheapest data plans even after reviewing their plans and downgrading it last year 2017, they still remain the best in terms of affordability. In 2018, I don’t see any other network beating Glo with the N1000 for 3.2GB monthly data plan and if any network should …

May, 2017

  • 2 May

    How To Reduce Data Usage On Social Media Apps

    Download Vray

    “Your Data Subscription Is Finished, Please subscribe to renew your data bundle”.  This was the heart breaking message I got the first time I used Instagram. My hard earned 10MB was gone, I had no idea of what was going on… I guess it was probably because that was my first android phone. My ISP was probably like…  Instagram is …

April, 2017

  • 23 April

    Get MTN 4G MIFI Superfast Wi-Fi Modem At Affordable Price With 12GB Data

    Get MTN 4G MIFI Superfast Wi-Fi Modem At Affordable Price With 12GB Data Looking for a 4G MiFi device? MTN has a 4G superfast Wi-Fi modem that can connect up to 10 devices at the same time such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, game consoles, smart TVs and lots more. Battery is one of the important factor you would consider …

  • 15 April

    New Latest Working And Valid IMEI For MTN Double Data

    I know that most of us are familiar with this offer and some of us are already enjoying it as well because MTN officially launched this offer since last year 2016 and it’s a way to double it’s users data plan. If you purchase any MTN official data plans, it will be doubled immediately and this has helped many users …

  • 3 April

    MTN Rewards Smartphones With 100% Data Bonus Offer For 6Months

    This Bonus offer works on all devices like desktop, PC, Android, IPod, iPhones, Games console and many other devices that can access the internet. You can use alot of double data, only when you activate this offer on your smartphone and if your phone does not support it, you can also use this tutorial to activate it, don’t you want …

March, 2017

  • 31 March

    How To Download Unlimited With Airtel Opera Mini Plans Of N100, N200 And N300

    Airtel Opera Mini Plans are very cheap? Hmm the 300naira plan gives you 1GB data, I hope you can see how cheap they are? So these plans can only be used on some social medias and Opera Mini browser. Meanwhile, they are not the real Opera plans but the functions makes me tag the plans as Opera Mini bundles. How …

  • 30 March

    How To Subscribe Glo, Etisalat, Airtel And MTN Night Plans

    Night plans are the best! You might wonder why I wrote that statement, yea! Night plans are good in some ways that you would be able to enjoy your browsing peacefully in night without any network disturbance or issues and night plans are more cheaper than the normal daily, weekly, monthly subscription plans even on all the networks in Nigeria. …

  • 29 March

    Etisalat Latest List Of Cheap Data Plan Bundles: Subscription Codes And Price

    Wonderful Etisalat data plans! Nobody will have tell you that Etisalat is the fastest network when it comes to browsing and surfing the internet even when downloading huge files. Etisalat has all types of data plans that will suite your needs like daily plans, weekly plans, monthly plans, night plans and weekend plans. The data plans can be used to …

  • 4 March

    Etisalat Lunches 100% Double Data Bonus On EasyCliq – Review

    Etisalat has lunched a new offer which is only availible for Easycliq subscribers only.The offer came in three amazing package in which you can choose anyone you like. According to Etisalat, the Easycliq break free gives you the freedom to choose your bonus, you can either get 350% bonus for on-net calls, 250% bonus to all networks or 100% bonus …

February, 2017

  • 26 February

    How To Get 3GB on Airtel For N1500 And 4GB for N2000


    How To Get 3GB on Airtel For 1500 And 4GB for N2000   How To Get 3GB on Airtel For N1500 And 4GB for N2000, Without wasting much time let me show you how to quickly get the data on Airtel by simply Accumulating it   Just Dial *312#   And then this Menu pops up       Simply …