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Etisalat 9mobile data code for 500 2024

Awesome Etisalat (9mobile) Nigeria 500 Data Plans: Codes and Prices

Data plans

If you are searching for information about Etisalat 500 data plan code and price tag you should by now know that there is no Etisalat Nigeria mobile operator anymore in the country as at recent. There is also positive news. Etisalat is now 9mobile, so anyone can still get the subscription to this network and enjoy cool services.

500 data plans by 9mobile

Anyone who is not a big fan of roaming mobile Internet will fall in love with these options. A person who doesn’t really need the big data options of 1GB, 2GB, 5GB etc, can select the smaller package. If 500MB is enough for you then, choose one of the 9mobile data plans with 500MB data.

Let’s see all the new 500 data plans available in 2018 if you are subscribed to Etisalat (9mobile) or plan to do so this year.

9mobile data plans

There are three main options the carrier offers:

  • Internet bundles (you can pay the particular price and get the particular data allowance per 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 1 month etc.)
  • Smartpacks (there are packages that cost 500 Naira and offer unrestricted access to some of the most popular social networks and apps)
  • Smartphone Plans (they offer a particular data amount for 30 days plus phone calls that cost 20 kobo per second)

500MB Internet Bundle

The prepaid package that offers 500MB of data can be enjoyed for 30 days. It is easy to order this Internet pack if you dial *229*2*12#.

By the way, this 500 data plan has its own name. 9mobile lists it as LCD2 Internet bundle.

Anyone who wishes to apply for LCD2 Etisalat (9mobile) data package should know that this option can be auto-renewed if you have 500 Naira on your account. You can also update the plan manually and your unused data will roll over to the next month if you select the same LCD2 package.

500MB Smartphone Plan

If you don’t need much data per month but prefer making phone calls and are happy with the price of 20 kobos per second to all Nigerian networks, you can go with this smartphone data plan. It offers 500MB of data per 30 days.

The pack is named ‘smarta’ and it costs 500 Naira for 500MB. Get this option by dialing the USSD code *229*2*11# and unsubscribe by dialing *229*0# (in this case you’ll have to pay 40 kobo instead of 20 kobo per second.


500 Naira 9mobile packages

  • 3 days of video pak – if you are looking for a package that costs 500 Naira, you can look at the smartpak that offers 3 hours per day plus 3 ‘free’ nights of video streaming (use the code *253*1# to subscribe)
  • Weekly smart chat pak – this 500 Naira option is great for users who wish to use Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat and BBM without a limit and get 1.5GB of data allowance on top of this for the whole week (to order you should dial *343*5*10#)
  • 1GB per weekend – if you just need to use the Internet over the weekend, you can order the Internet bundle and receive 1GB of data per weekend for N500, to subscribe, you should dial the short USSD code *5995*2#)


This is a list of all available Etisalat 500 data plans and their codes. You can enjoy them in 2018 under the 9mobile brand.

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