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Best Fitness Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

Best Fitness Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

The first two months of 2019 are already behind us. This is a good time to start taking care of your health. There are fewer people in the gyms and swimming pools compared to January and February, and the weather conditions are also more conducive to physical activity. Mobile apps can be extremely helpful while living a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the best of them.

First of all, I need to explain one important thing  – fitness apps can’t to do all of the work for us. They are supposed to be helpful – they give us tips to further improve ourselves and they remind us about the exercises, but after all, you have to get out of bed first, then go to the gym or go out running to even start thinking about getting fit. And the best way to help in this difficult process is to use the apps listed below.

Best Fitness Apps for Smartphones and Tablets
Best Fitness Apps for Smartphones and Tablets


Price: free of charge

Availability: Android and Apple iOS

MyFitnessPal is an app for everyone who wants to take care of what they consume. There are more than 5 million products in its database, including almost every bodybuilding supplement you can find BCAA, Creatine, lipodrene fat burner – they are all there! Each of them is described in detail with information on individual nutritional values. Just scan the barcode. On this basis, the app can also calculate the calorific value and nutritional value of the prepared lunches (adding up the ingredients). The database also contains more than 350 cardio and strength exercises. You can also add your friends, compare your progress and motivate each other.

Samsung S Health

Price: free of charge

Availability: Android

The Samsung application has been available for many years for all Android users (previously it could be used only by the owners of Samsung smartphones). The App is awesome for people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. It won’t only measure our physical activity, including burnt calories, but it will also tell you how many calories you consume per day. In order to do this, each meal must be added by hand, but it’s worth the effort. In addition, S Health will remind you about drinking enough water daily and it will even check the quality of your sleep. And all this for free!

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Price: free of charge (you can buy a premium package or a special wristband)

Availability: Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone

This app allows you to easily track your daily activities, as well as training. In addition, we can compare our results and progress with friends and family, which can also motivate you to exercise harder. Fitbit achieves even better results when you buy a special wristband at a price of around several hundred euro for a more advanced watch. The Fitbit application will also keep track of your daily water consumption. You can also add the meals you eat and keep track of your weight. It’s available for free, but you can buy a premium package with more features.

Nike Training Club

 Price: free of charge

Availability: Android and Apple iOS

In Nike Training Club you will find more than 100 exercises, prepared by professional coaches. There are exercises with different levels of difficulty and sophistication for the user. The app also offers whole training plans, depending on what you want to achieve, e.g. lose weight or gain strength. Nike Training Club is completely free to install and use, which is a great thing. You can really boost your workouts with a high-quality  Vegan Liftz
supplement drink — giving yourself that extra energy boost while improving your athletic performance, focus, and results in general. It improves your body’s endurance and focuses your mind so you can enjoy a satisfying workout with no crashes after.

Virtuagym Fitness

Price: free of charge (for about $9 per month you can have more stuff)

Availability: Android and Apple iOS

This is, among others, a proposal for people who want to go to the gym, but don’t fully know how to perform particular exercises. The application mainly explains how to exercise on different machines, as well as how to do exercises without any instruments. In addition, you can create an individual exercise plan, depending on your level of advancement. In the Virtuagym Fitness database there are exercises to perform at the gym as well as at home (in total of over 2 thousand). The app is free, but for about $9 per month you can get access to more interesting exercises.

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Price: free of charge (you can buy a premium offer)

Availability: Android and Apple iOS

Freeletics is a huge base of exercises, which can be done in the open air but also at home. Most importantly, none of the activities require the use of any equipment. Each and every one of the exercises uses their own body weight. The exercises are adapted to your level of advancement, so interesting ideas can be found here by both the beginners and professional athletes. Freeletics is also full of social functions, including sharing results with friends. After subscribing, you get the access to additional features, including a training plan prepared just for you.


Price: free of charge (you can buy pro version)

Availability: Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone

All in all, it’s difficult to call Runtastic “one application”, because there are several different apps in its store. You can find both apps for tracking daily activities, apps for runners, apps for cyclists, apps with exercises and many more. Everyone should find something for themselves. All routes, results and progress can be shared with friends on social networks. In the Pro version, you get access to additional interesting features.

It’s difficult to unambiguously identify the best application – it’s worth using 2 or even 3 different apps at the same time. Personally, I recommend MyFitnessPal for keeping track of the meals and Freeletics for improving the way to perform your exercises.

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