Best photos for your Instagram profile

Looking for ways to get the best photos for Instagram? Well, here we are with some useful tips that will make your Instagram profile LIT AF!

The Profile Picture

The first picture of your account is your profile photo. Therefore, it has to be on point! The photo has to be eye-catching and reflective of your persona.
If it’s a business profile, put the logo of your company as the profile photo. The logo will make sure that anyone who lands up on the profile quickly identifies what the page is all about. Also, it will help in gaining long-term brand recognition.

Best photos for your Instagram profile

Great Quality Photos

The secret to a highly optimised Insta-profile is ‘High-quality pictures and videos’. You can have a few bad tweets on twitter, but you can’t have bad photos on Instagram. We, humans, are highly receptive to visuals and that’s why posting low-quality photos is not an option. The deciding factor to follow or not is the quality of the posts. It’s better to have no photos than having bad photos on your profile!
The quality is determined by the factors given below:
● Subject and Creativity
● Photography
● Editing
If these three things are given the right amount of attention, nobody can stop you from having amazing Instagram photos. Be creative, find interesting perspectives and take advantage of patterns and symmetry.

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Niche and Aesthetic

Decide a niche from your Instagram and play around it. The niche could travel, fashion, photography, self-help and a lot more. This way the viewers
If it’s difficult to look up for an appropriate theme, make your Instagram aesthetic. It will be a gorgeous addition to your profile. Choose a specific pattern or colour scheme for your profile, anything that is common to all the posts. The entire account must echo a homogenous vibe and no doubt, it will bring more likes, comments and followers.

Perfect Background

A picture is not only about you and your outfit. Your background also plays a crucial role in determining the overall outlook of the photograph. A less chaotic background can help you stand out as the focus doesn’t get scattered on various objects. A neutral background can do wonders to your image. If your background is a bright coloured one, make sure it doesn’t steal your limelight.
If your retail business is running through Instagram, nicely clicked photos with appealing backgrounds become a prerequisite. Get some decor ideas from Pinterest and create a section in your office or at your home that is visually appealing. It’s easy to DIY decor these days. The best way is to paint your wall with a mute colour and add some decor pieces like pictures frames and home decor textiles. The most affordable idea is to download free clipart backgrounds, print them and put them in frames. This way it is convenient to change the designs when you are bored!

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Instagram already has some basic editing tools, but they aren’t enough. To have a really, really fantastic picture, you need a picture editing app. You can download apps like VSCO, Snapseed, Prisma Photo Filter etc. These are simple apps and won’t consume much time in editing photos. Just a little bit of practice and you are good to go!

Keep these points in your mind and nobody can stop you from creating some mind blowing Insta-worthy photos!

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