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Telegram New Update Now Supports Multiple Accounts

Wao….This is Really great Improvement on the popular social app Telegram  new update that now Support Multiple Accounts for users… Its A new Year Indeed !



When it comes to lovely features and nice updates, I’d rate telegram higher than WhatsApp but the issue is still that telegram can never get to overthrow WhatsApp when it comes to number of users when both platforms are compared.

Now the latest version Telegram 4.7 comes with a new feature which gives its users the opportunity to create multiple accounts on its android version. With the latest telegram version, you can have up to three(3) accounts with different phone numbers just like how you can switch accounts on Instagram, messenger and facebook.

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One thing about this telegram’s multiple accounts feature is that you can easily switch accounts on the side menu, and you’ll also get notifications for all the three telegram accounts regardless of which one you’re currently on.


The only issue about this telegram’s multiple accounts feature is that it is not available for the iOS app version but we believe that in few weeks or months, they’d get to roll out this feature on the iOS version.

If you wanna enjoy this feature on your telegram android app, all you have to do is just update your telegram app to the latest version and you can start switching between Multiple accounts of your choice.


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