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Cheat Alert! 9mobile unlimited magic sim

Today I am sharing with you guys how to activate 9Mobile unlimited free browsing on your SIM. The Sim will be hacked to browse unlimitedly, download unlimitedly, watch live tv, YouTube and other livestreaming. It works with all browsing devices, Laptop/Desktop, Tablet, Android, iPhone, iPad, and all Others. No hidden charges! You can load and make calls with the Sim with high speed internet speed. Most of Hackers will Request money before you can get this information.

It is similar to MTN Magic SIM Trick , it can do unlike the mtn magic sim. You might have come across this trick on the internet but I sincerely doubt if any web page is currently offering it out for free rather they are charging for it (Well, how else can they get money benefits from their research) but on this blog today, am gonna give it out for free as usual.


Load/recharge 600 Naira airtime in your 9Mobile sim, then make a call or send a text to someone to exhaust 40 Naira, by so doing that you are left with 560 on your line. Don’t worry as nothing will happen to this money, it will just be there intact.


After fulfilling step one completely continue with step two below :
Dial *560*800# from your 9Mobile Sim, you will get an error message, just ignore the error message.


I know you are done with step two, continue with step3 below :
Remove your sim Card for 12 Hours


Then Put It In a Nokia Torch and Dial #24*# then *560*800# again You will get another Error Message… And
Finally the last step is to DIAL #24*#


But if you are conversant with how trick works in our country, then you should know that no trick is guaranteed eternity. It could happen that you wake up the next day and realize the trick has been blocked, please do not get me wrong, am not saying it will be blocked tomorrow but am talking based on assumption. Let pray that it will work for that six month & if is actually work for that six month, i believe before then we will gotten another solution to extend its lifespan.

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