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Opay: How to Get Double Airtime Bonus Via OperaPay

Opay: How to Get Double Airtime Bonus Via OperaPay


Online Payment platforms are increasing by the day and the service is gradually impacting on people’s live positively as it makes buying and paying for goods and services very easy thereby saving time as well as minimizing stress.

Opera, the owners of Opera (Mini) browser has launched a new payment service called Opay (OperaPay) in Nigeria and Kenya that allows you to pay for stuffs such as network recharge cards, TV cable subscriptions, Electricity and water bills.

Interestingly, Opay is rewarding anyone who TopUp his/her Airtime via their service %100 bonus value of your recharge (double bonus). I believe this is a giod incentive and a nice way to make a statement of intent to the public.

The Opera mini browser is one of the most popular web browsers for mobile devices while their PC version known simply as Opera Browser is also among the top rated browsers on PC. The company is a household name so I don’t think it’s a new name to anyone that has a mobile phone.


Just as the name implies, “Opay” is a combination of the word Opera and Pay. I believe the purpose of thw platform is self-explanatory.

Opay accepts some major payment forms like credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, Airtel money, M-PESA but there is no Bitcoin option yet. You know some payment platforms are now adding Digital currencies like Bitcoin as form of payment.


But do you think this service from Opera can compete with the likes of Zoto, Vogue pay, Etranzact, Gpay, Interswitch, Global Pay etc? For sure, personally I am optimistic they can even offer better challenge in the business because in terms of finances, they have it. In terms of experience, Opera has been there for decades so they have all the wherewithal to carry on.

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How Opay Double Airtime Bonus Works

To be eligible for the double airtime bonus, you have to topup starting with N50 if you are in Nigeria and Kes50 if you are in Kenya.

For instance a recharge or topup of N50 gives you N100. Recharge N100, you get N200, recharge N500, you get N1000 and so on. The same is applicable to Kenyans; recharge Kes 10 and get Kes 20 and so on.

You see this is a great opportunity you shouldn’t close your eyes on. The service is still very new and they are doing everything possible to entice people.


If you observe very well, you will notice the “Opay tab” on your opera mini browser for Android and sometimes, the service pops up asking you to topup your airtime. I got another one just few minutes ago.


Accepted Forms of Payment

  • Mastercard
  • M-PESA (for Kenyans)
  • Airtel Money
  • Visa

Availabile Opay (OperaPay) Services

  • Airtime Purchase (Active)
  • Cable TV (Coming Soon)
  • Electricity (Coming Soon)
  • Water (Coming Soon)

As you can see, some of the services are not yet fully launched but buying of airtime is LIVE now in Nigeria and Kenya.

How To Use OperaPay

  1. Open operapay.com then tap on the collapsible menu icon (three bars on the extra that’s if you are using a smartphone)
  2. Then click on sign in and enter your phone number which will receive a time code for you to login in. There’s no sign-up and setting of password.
  3. You also have the option of deleting the account.
  4. Tap on airtime then enter the number you wish to buy for.
  5. Enter the amount of Airtime you wish to purchase
  6. Select a payment form like Mastercard, Visa, M-PESA etc
  7. Pay as given details by OperaPay.
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Alternatively, if you don’t want to have account with them, simply go on by adding your phone number and selecting the amount of airtime you wish to purchase, payout and enjoy your %100 double bonus.


  • It’s easy to use
  • No hidden charges
  • Card security is assured
  • Bonuses and incentives are given
  • You can TopUp on the gi through your phone or PC
  • Accepts Mastercard and Visa card which are very popular locally
  • Opera is an authority name

Disadvantages or Pros

  • It requires internet connection
  • Your phone must have data and internet capability
  • Though it’s secured but anything can happen
  • No app for it yet
  • No USSD code
  • No Bitcoin payment option

Final Thoughts

will be a big project and soon, it will be a popular payment solution. For now, thw service is exclusively online and there is no Android or iOS app for it yet. Although, it’s just a mattof time before it hits the various Android stores.

Additionally, I believe Opera will provide the offline alternative via a USSD Code just as Quickteller does. Until then, keep tabs on my updates on this blog

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