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4 Ways To Clone SIM Card of Any Network

4 Ways To Clone SIM Card of Any Network


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Just as apps, websites and even mobile phones are usually cloned, your SIM card can also be cloned BUT this may not be possible in all types of SIM.

Some SIM cards can be easily cloned while some are very difficult to achieve the same result simply because of the secured firmware available in them.

There are usually two types of SIM cards in this context: the COMP128v1 is the kind of SIM card that can be cloned easily, while the COMP128v2 is the kind that contains the secure firmware that makes cloning really hard work.

Having said that, I have provided you with 4 ways to clone a SIM card and  I am sure you will like this tutorial.


  • Using SIM Cloning Tool

Are you aware that there is a tool simply made for cloning SIMs? The tool can be used to view a lot of information that is normally hidden or appears deleted on phones. They are usually computer apps that can be downloaded and installed on your computers, and then run to clone the SIM card and copy the needed data. The SIM cloning software easily helps to collect all possible parts from the target device and generates comprehensive details on a computer that can either be stored or printed. Example is Mobiledit tool.

  • With Programmable Cards

SIM cloning isn’t actually all bad. It can actually serve as backup in case your phone gets lost or stolen, or if you need to free up space by saving a copy of the data you are deleting. To clone a SIM through a programmable card, you simply need to first purchase the card (the blank SIM programmable card).


These cards do not have phone numbers and can be purchased online. You would also need a SIM Firmware Writer, which allows you to copy different numbers to one SIM card. You would then need to download a Woron Scan, which is a software for reading the phone. With all these, you would be able to configure the software and clone the SIM card. You can get programmable cards from Alibaba.

  •  IMSI and Ki Number
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Every SIM card has an ID number that helps to identify it in the device’s corresponding operator. The ID number inside the SIM is called International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) and this data is very important because it is what helps the cloned SIM function properly.

Also, another important data to extract from the SIM is the Ki (Authentication Key), which serves to authenticate as a subscriber of an operator.

This authentication enables the operator to ensure that the IMSI and other SIM information are correct and part of a valid card, so you can clone the SIM card. Once you have the IMSI number and Ki number, you then use a SIM reader (which can be sourced online) to facilitate the process, copy the necessary contents and thus clone the SIM card. More info.

  • With a SIM Card Reader
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This device has already come up earlier in this article to be used in conjunction with other devices. However, a SIM card reader can be used on its own to attempt to gain access to the contents of a SIM card in a sort of ‘brute-force’ attack, but this is a long shot. You’re going to need a lot of luck to be able to guess the right key before the card locks itself. Generally, the chances of succeeding at this are in fact quite slim. Check it out on Ebay. There are also Android Apps that offers SIMcard reading features.


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