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Top 5 Bitcoin Mobile Apps You Can Download for Android & iOS Devices

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Top 5 Bitcoin Mobile Apps You Can Download for Android & iOS Devices


Bitcoin Mobile Apps

Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most popular and lucrative cryptocurrency business in the world right now as it’s value keeps rising. In 2017, we saw an unprecedented spike in Bitcoin value which made so many people who invested in it millionaires overnight. Now that many people are aware of this crypto business and currently have a “wallet”, it will be a good idea to also have a convenient method of accessing your account with a Bitcoin mobile app.

So I am writing on the top popular and best Bitcoin or Crypto app for Android and iOS devices you should download and try out this year.

For those of you that are new to Bitcoin, I suggest you do more research and read about it online as there are many articles on it already available. After that, you can decide which app is best for you to use. For those of us that are already into it, you should go ahead and check out these the apps listed on this post.

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is the future of digital currency. As we all know, some companies and even website hosting companies now accept Bitcoin as means of payment. I was even surprised last week when I saw a restaurant accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment for Chickens. That shows where the world is heading to.


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Just as you have your mobile banking apps on your smartphone for performing transactions conveniently from your phone, you suppose to also have one of these crypto apps for easy access to your web wallet.

Main Benefit of a Bitcoin App

Bitcoin mobile apps allow you to access and manage your Bitcoins. This means that you can access any Bitcoin wallet you already own by adding it using the wallet’s unique Backup phrase. Below are the best apps you can consider installing.

Top Bitcoin Apps You Can Use


Blockchain is one of the best Cryptocurrency apps that now lets you access both Bitcoin and Ethereum in one app. If you already have a Bitcoin wallet, select ‘recover Funds” from the login page and enter your Backup phrase in the text field. Once this is done, a Blockchain account will be created for you and the app is ready to use for sending and receiving Bitcoin. app

The mobile app supports Ethereum (aka Ether) which is another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. In fact it’s one if the growing Bitcoin alternatives. The app also provides a Bitcoin price chart and lets you exchange bitcoin for ether and vice versa.

You can download app for Android HERE. Or for iOS HERE.

  • Electrum Bitcoin Wallet

This is another app for Electrum Bitcoin wallet. Although some of the reviews about this app are not convincing, some reported it’s one of their favorites.

Electrum bitcoin app

You can import existing wallet either by QR code or by typing your backup phrase. You can also import your Bitcoin address or private keys.

To download the Android app, click HERE. For now, it’s not available for iOS users.

  • Wallet

I recommend app to beginners as it is the most simple app among the rest. It’s easy to use, it supports both standard Bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash (an improved version of Bitcoin that has lower transaction fees). The app is available for both Android and iPhone users.

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Bitcoin Apps

Download Bitcoin wallet for Android HERE. You can download it for iOS HERE.

  • Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet

Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet is an advanced  cryptocurrency app. In fact it’s multifunctional and supports Bitcoin,  Ethereum, and Litecoin all in one app. From the app’s main page, it displays price charts for all three currencies. Some intelligent, location-based script is at work here because the app displays the prices in Nigerian Naira (If you are using it from Nigeria)


Coinbase bitcoin app

However, for you to use the app, you will need to create a Coinbase account. This means you either login if you are an existing user or create a new account.

Download Coinbase for Android HERE. Download for iOS HERE.

  • Eidoo

The Eidoo mobile app supports both Bitcoin and Ethereum crypto business. It’s a bit advanced in terms of how it works though it allows you to import your wallets, buy, sell, spend and convert from one coin to the other. It’s available for Android and iOS devices.

Eidoo app

Download for Android HERE. Download for iOS HERE.

Final Words

All the above apps are good and provides convenience but I recommend for beginners who are not yet technically inclined in this business as it’s more simple to understand and use than others. You can also use

Money must be made.

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