Four Awesome Real Life Things You Never Knew Your Android Can Do

Most of us rely on our android smartphones for quite a number of things today, such as taking photos, sending mails, watching movies , listening to songs, attending to business associates, preparing spreadsheets and a lot more. Our android smartphones have actually replaced so many gadgets in our lives today but that is not what this post is about and it’s also not going to be about conventional things like playing games of other platforms or even some things about rooting and stuffs like that, rather it’s going to be real life activities, real life stuffs and real application you could use your android to do. This could be called a sort of life hack using android.

So, let’s talk about possible real life activities your android can be used for. Thinking out of the box, what possibly can your android really do asides it’s conventional operations?
Do you know your android smartphone can actually be used to detect and find metals? measure the health of your heart? help you become a better fisherman(weird right?) and more. We’re going to see how actually you can do some of these.

I won’t bore you with any long epistle, just go straight to how to do these awesome things with your android, so you can get started already.

How To Detect Metals Using Android Smartphones

With the use of this android app you can detect metals with your android phone, it’s actually not the app that does the magic but the sensor embedded in your android smartphone. How to use? just install and launch the app, move your phone around and you will see the magnetic field level fluctuating. It beeps when it detects a metal, this method can also be applied to find/detect wires in walls.

How To Become A Better Fisherman Using Android

with the help of this little device called Deeper and your android you can become a better fisherman. Deeper is miniaturised sonar, added to your fishing line, while it the waters it emits high-resolution sonar pulses to reveal where the fishes are.

How To Measure Your Health Using Android

The EKG is a test that checks for problems with the electrical activity of your heart. It can say a lot and give a lot of information about your heart. But do you know you can measure your EKG using your android?
Just like in becoming a better fisherman above measuring your EKG with the help of your android require a little device too Kardia Mobile Heart Monitor, this device once connected to your android phone only needs you to press the tips of your fingers on its pads and wait for 30 seconds, and you’ll see your EKG on the screen of your phone, which will also tell you if your heart rhythm is healthy.

Let Your Android Wake You Up with Your Favorite Song

You want to be woken up feeling good while your favorite song is being played to you? all you need is the Alarm Clock For Me App. Just as simple as that.


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