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How To Activate And Set Up Zenith Bank Mobile App Without Going To The Bank

Zenith bank stands to be one of the leading commercial banks in the country. When it comes to mobile banking on the other hand is one of the fastest growing banking technology. Zenith Bank mobile banking enable bank customers carry out most of their transactions  with ease on their mobile devices without necessarily going to the bank.

So today, we are going to be discussing how you can actually install Zenith bank mobile app on your mobile device and activate it straight away without taking the stress of going to the bank for activation it very simple and easy with the step we are going to provide you below.
If you are already a Zenith bank customer, you should start thinking of downloading and activating your own Zenith bank mobile app, because mobile banking is one of the media that drives cashless society that we all have been clamouring for in this modern age.
Without wasting much of your time, below is how to set up and activate Zenith bank mobile banking app on your smartphone device for your delightful and hitch free banking transactions. 
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==> It easy you can download/install the Zenithbank Mobile app right from Google PlayStore just search for it by using the keywords Zenith Bank mobile banking App

==> Launch/open the installed app
==> Note by default, the non-internet banking user option is selected but ensure it is truly the selected option before you proceed. 
==> Enter your account number in the space provided and come down and click I AGREE. 

==> An OTP will be sent to your registered phone number with Zenith Bank. 
==> Enter the OTP and then create numeric 6 digits password the 6 digits password stands as your log-in code, that you will always use to log-in to the app anytime, so you should take note of it and keep save.
==> Now, create a 4 digit mobile PIN that you will be using to authenticate transactions. 
==> You will be asked to enter your (OTP) received as SMS again. 
==> lastly click Ok your registration is complete. 

Congratulations! You have successfully activate Zenith bank mobile app that you can easily make transactions without stress just launch your device, login with your account number and registered password at any time and carry out your free banking transactions any time any where.

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