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What How To Remove Any Widget On Blogger Experts Don’t Want You To Know

Login to blogger

Edit htm

click anywhere inside template and CTRL + F to find the code u want to remove

Search the Widget name eg Tips and Tricks { our widget name }
Below it you will see another widget

This is the Side Bar we want to remove… Tips and Tricks is the Widget Above it, we just used it to locate the Widget

Now Delete the code from

< div class=”banner160″>
bla bla
bla bla

 That is all save 
make sure you veiw the site to see if changes occur before leaving the html edit page, if not work pls CTRL + Z to return code as normal  seek help from expert 


Save and see if there is no error , If there is, a red warning above html will appear.
if this occur please CTR Z to return the Old code.. Then seek help

NOTE, After editing the code, Please dont closse the tab, first view the page to see if it displays well, if not go back to the tab and CTRL Z to undo the editing.

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Dont forget to remove any widget on Blogger, Simply Follow The above process of locating the widget by
CTRL+ F, then type the Widget name eg “Phones “, Look bellow , within the code for

Change the code i Bold Above to “false”

The code should Look like this

Then Save, Now please don;t leave the HTM tab yet, Vew Blog to see if its all ok, now Login to blogger using another tab, Go to Layout of this very Blog you editing and look for the Widget which you could not remove from Widgets Before, and  clcik to remove it, Because you have made it locked=”False”, you can now remove it.

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That’s all on removing any Blogger Widget

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