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Avenues To Make Money With Blogging In 2021

Avenues To Make Money With Blogging In 2021

As you should know by now, blogging is still profitable even though it is vehemently saturated. And of course, it takes patience and strategic steps to eventually bring up something reasonable, if you desire jumping into the ship these days.

It is necessary to also talk about this too, as it will determine what you will eventually meet on the way during the course of the game. I’m talking about if you want to blog plainly for passion, or if you are approaching it completely as a business venture.

If you are blogging for passion, it is likely you already have something else that is bringing you money. In fact, let me add that irrespective of what you want from blogging, ensure you have a source of income for the main time. As you should have known now, blogging these days won’t instantly start bringing cash. It takes time. Hence, wisdom demands that you should have something that brings you money.

So, those blogging for passion might not really have to be concerned about making money with this venture. It is expected that at least, you will find satisfaction just doing what you enjoy doing, if you are blogging for passion indeed.

Nevertheless, the fact is, there is a way blogging for passion can really help you to eventually start making money. Blogging for passion can help you in terms of being very patient and holding on even if you aren’t earning a dime from the blog. As you should have known already, there are times whereby the blogger just need to have more patience before they can start earning with their blog.

On the other hand, blogging merely for passion might take a long time before you start seeing nice revenue (you can ignore this if you are not interested in making money from blogging). There are folks who simply create a blog, then start posting what they love talking about. They don’t bother checking the popularity of the niche (some won’t even mind if just very few persons eventually follow their blog – it’s satisfying to them), they don’t research nor use keywords, etc

So, my advice would be, even if you are blogging basically for passion, you can still help yourself by going extra mile to know how to increase your traffic. More readership will encourage you to continue doing what you do. And you might even eventually reach the stage where you can start making money from your passion. You know there are several people who make a lot of money from their passion today.

Now, on the other hand, you might simply be interested in approaching blogging as nothing but a business venture. With this, it’s not about passion but about making money from blogging. This is understandable. You can easily come up and put in strategies that is about you making money from your blogging activities. You can first check which niche to focus on. Of course, this must be a lucrative niche that can fetch you money. Then, you think about investing in superb design and seo too. This is not about passion, but about about doing what you can do to make money from your blog.

Now, here are some of the avenues you can make money from your blog these days:

1. Selling your own products or services on your blog

This is one lucrative way you can make money with your blog. You simply use your blog as a vehicle to sell your products and services. One thing here is, you might not have to even have very many followers before you can start making money.

Just ensure your products and services are reasonable, and try to get to people who will likely pay for them. Let me also add that as you are growing your blog, you should go on thinking about how you can take advantage of Google Search for free frequent traffic.

2. Affiliate Marketing

With this, you refer your blog readers to other’s products and services and get paid for it. This is also an interesting one because you don’t have to get a lot of blog readers and followers before you can make pleasant money by doing this.

3. AdSense

There are several ad networks out there. Nevertheless, Google’s AdSense seems to be the best one out there. Actually, trying some other ad networks are complete waste of time. So, it is advisable that you simply stick to AdSense in your quest to monetize your blog.

So, you will apply for an AdSense account first, and after you were approved, you will place the ad codes on your blog, and the ads will start coming up. As people click on your ad, you make money too. That way, you don’t have to wait for anyone to buy anything before you will earn. You know, when you are selling products or services on your blog, or when you are simply promoting other people’s products or services, you must wait for the people to first make a purchase before you can make money. Nevertheless, with AdSense, nothing like that.

Nevertheless, you must realise that to earn a lot with AdSense, you will need more traffic.

4. Sponsored Posts

You can also earn money with your blog by publishing sponsored posts on your blog. Many websites are usually searching for backlinks, and they won’t mind paying you to help them do that with your blog.

Nevertheless, you should understand that the higher your Domain Authority and Page Authority, the more you will receive offers for sponsored posts. Hence, you are advised to work on your blog and see to it that you grow its stature. After that, you will find yourself earning a lot doing this.
In conclusion, while there are several other ways to earn money with your blog, you can start from this place, and you will be able to earn a lot of money doing what you do with your blog

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