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How To Make Money With Your Facebook Account In 2021

How To Make Money With Your Facebook Account In 2021

Facebook is actually one of the most successful social media networks out there. It is one of the most visited websites on the web, with tons of users. Of course, this was what made Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, one of the richest persons in the world. He is also one of the most influential persons in the world.

Even in developing countries, there are several people using Facebook. These people might have nothing to do with twitter or some other social media networks out there, but they simply embraced Facebook and are actively using the website for different purposes.

People own a facebook account for different reasons. Many simply use the platform to reach out to their loved ones, and nothing much. You know, with platforms like Facebook, you can really connect with any of your loved ones in far away places, and you will engage yourselves as if you are close to each other. Rather than witnessing what used to be a reality many years ago when people want to reach out to others in far away places, you can send and receive messages instantly.

Some others own a Facebook account to link up with others. Some persons genuinely want to make new friends and they will send friend requests to total strangers on the platform, and even start a conversation. Of course, we can’t ignore the fact that there are also many mischievous folks on the platform who are looking to link up with others for mischievous reasons.

Then, there are those who are simply interested in the platform for the purpose of promoting a cause – usually utilising facebook page or groups. It can be a brand and a business, an NGO, and so on. Folks like might ignore other features Facebook had (such as chatting with others) just to focus on using it to achieve what they want to achieve.

Well, since many people are aware they can take advantage of some innovative platforms to make money, they are usually interested in knowing if and how to make money with Facebook. First, can you make money with Facebook? Yes, you can. How? I will be dealing with that in this article.

It should be noted that if someone else who is an expert in such things as these want to write on this, they might take a different perspective entirely. The point is, this article will move according to how I want it to flow.

So, I will be talking about some techniques you can utilize to start making money with your Facebook account. These are not merely theories, as there are actual people who have made money with these techniques.

Let’s get started:

1. Making Money With A Facebook Page

Can you make money with a facebook page? Sure you can! Nevertheless, you should realise that it is not directly. That is, Facebook won’t pay you for having a facebook page or something. This way it works however is that you utilize the page as a vehicle to make money.

Let’s say you have tons of people following your page, you can simply create a website or blog which you monetize with ad networks like AdSense, and you use the facebook page to drive traffic to your website or blog. That way, your Facebook page is helping you make money. You know, when people create blogs and monetize with ad networks like AdSense, the major issue is usually driving traffic to the blog. Relying on Google Search might not always work, as there are usually several competition out there (and no one knows what Google really wants to drive your blog to the top). But with a facebook page with numerous followers, you can always drop the link to some content on your blog, and as they visit, you earn money.

You can also use your Facebook page to promote affiliate links. Once someone bought something with your link, you will be paid for that. There are several prominent affiliate programs out there you can work with. Just look around.

Additionally, you can use a facebook page to sell your own products or services. This is even more straightforward. You simply should have a service or product you can sell to your followers, and some of them won’t mind supporting you.

Also, if you offer superb content on your Facebook page and you have loyal fans, you can always ask them to support you by donating. There are mediums today that has made this so simple and easy.

Let me however add that you should place great priority on value (adding value to your followers by dishing out content they enjoy and love). Don’t always push ads to their faces every now and then, so they won’t get pissed.

2. Make Money With Your Facebook Group

Like the first one above, you won’t be paid directly by Facebook for using a facebook group. But you can take advantage of your Facebook group to make money. The things explored above can be followed here too. In fact, it is even easier with a facebook group (to an extent) because facebook groups are more of a community. If you can get a facebook group that has lots of members, you can use them to make money. However, you have to be patient as you make attempt to grow your Facebook group. Don’t do anything wrong or illegal, hence facebook will ban you.

Lastly, there are some platforms you can register as an influencer if you have tons of followers on Facebook. You can hook up with an advertiser who will pay you to promote his products or services on your Facebook.

In conclusion, in your attempt to grow your followers, ensure you don’t indulge in wrong stuff. Facebook will easily ban your account if they detect something wrong. Just ensure you are patient and do things one after the other, and you will be fine. Don’t forget to share this post

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