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Make Money Utilizing Free WiFi

Make Money Utilizing Free WiFi

There are tons of things to do with the internet. Well, there are several people who can spend all day on the internet doing one thing or the other. For some, it is to stream movies on netflix or YouTube (or just download the movies). For some, they are all for chatting with their folks on platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp and so on. And for some others, they are more concerned with conducting research or just surfing news Websites.

The thing is, there is nothing free in Freetown, hence, you have to be prepared to pay for data. Well, you might be in a country where data is not too expensive. But you should know that there are folks in places where they pay a lot of money for data.

It’s alright. Either data is expensive in your place, or you are from a place where data is cheap, there is something usually common: everyone loves free WiFi.

When free WiFi comes our way (in school, in an organization, inside a train or bus, etc), we simply embrace it to do several things.

Nevertheless, it is unfortunate to note that there are several people who are always having access to free WiFi, but it happens that they waste such on irrelevant stuff. Yeah, when something doesn’t really add value to you positively, you might simply be wasting your time.

This article is meant to encourage folks to be more interested in utilizing free WiFi for productive purposes. The fact is, considering the state of our world today, the world will better appreciate folks who can add positive things here. Hence, there should be no time to waste on unnecessary things.

You know, there are many folks that waste time on insignificant movies, which shouldn’t be. For many others, they waste time (which is actually a scarce resource) on chatting and other irrelevant stuff. You should be encouraged to start having the mentality of a contributor, contributing to the progress of the world. This won’t be a reality when you waste time on irrelevant things.

One of the ways you can position yourself to add positive things to the world is as you start earning a reasonable amount of money (let’s take it in this direction for the purpose of this article). And we will some ways you can take advantage of free WiFi to make money. So, when next you will come across free WiFi, you can properly position yourself to take advantage of it to make reasonable money.

Let’s now discuss..

1. Take Advantage Of Free WiFi To Run Your Own Youtube Channel

One of the ways to earn money smartly today is to run a successful youtube channel. Youtube has given you the platform to earn money, you simply have to take advantage of it.

If you want to have more information to learn how to easily get yourself up, you can still utilize the free WiFi you have access to learn how to do this. There are tons of resources online, including on YouTube.

So, you don’t have to hinder yourself with talks like “videos takes lots of data”. Take advantage of the free WiFi to get in. With a youtube channel that can produce viral videos, you can find yourself making a lot of money each month just from Google AdSense.

2. Make Money With Free WiFi By Running A Blog

Running a successful blog is one of the ways of making money online. A lot of people have been making money with their blogs, and you can also join the ship. Of course, bloggers will always need data to do the things they do. So, you don’t have to complain of having to spend money on data every now and then, once you have access to free WiFi every now and then.

So, when next you come across free WiFi, rather than wasting time on irrelevant things like chatting and chatting and chatting, you can take advantage of this to get information that will train you to know how to make money by blogging (you can download tutorials in form of videos, PDFs, etc).

Although the blogging sphere is more competitive than before, there is still something for anyone who knows what he or she is doing. Just ensure you do sufficient research and try to see to it that you have a strategy that can work (particularly in regards to how you can be getting reasonable amount of traffic).

You know, when we talk about blogging today, many people give up easily because they felt they have been spending a lot of resources without seeing something reasonable in return. But once you have been utilizing free WiFi, it means you don’t have to see yourself as one wasting resources (prior to when you will start earning something reasonable in return). Thus, you can hold on still, and can patiently wait for the time when your blog will become profitable. At such points, you can go on earning some amount of money monthly. It helps you open new streams of income, as you can be doing other things too

3. Make Money With Free WiFi By Selling Books On Amazon

You can spend your free time writing books, and when you are where you can get access to free WiFi, upload them.

Another way to make money online is by taking advantage of amazon kindle publishing to sell your books. Once you upload a successful book, it can be selling for a long time even without much efforts on your own part in terms of marketing. However, it is advisable that you still try to market your books, so as to increase your sales.

In conclusion, when next you are where you can use free WiFi, don’t waste such on irrelevant things like some do. Rather, utilize them to do productive things such as engaging in activities that will fetch you money, like the things that have been talked about in this article.

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