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Making Money Blogging In 2021

Making Money Blogging In 2021

Blogging is one of the opportunities the internet brought about, and it has empowered a lot of people in different places in the world. Many has embraced it as a career path, and as you should know, it has made a lot of millionaires today.
You know, one of the beautiful things about technology (which we are grateful to God for), is how it makes folks great without necessarily having to indulge in what is wrong or cut corners. Of course, some mischievous folks are still using technology for wrong things, but it is actually because they chose to. Anyone, without having to come from a rich background or have strong connections with those at the top, can utilize technology to become great in life.

Blogging is an opportunity a lot of folks have been utilizing. There are people who have been able to join the ship many years before now, and have been able to build an empire. They became rich, and even celebrities and influencers.

Of course, as expected, more and more people also started joining the trend, and it appears blogging is now over saturated. In fact, some people will tell you blogging is now over saturated. Their point of view is understandable though. A lot of people are now trying to set up their own blogs too.

Every now and then, tons of people take steps to create a blog. That’s how it is. And then, the competition is pretty high. At the initial stages, there were just few bloggers.

Hence, those guys could do stuff and easily start getting their reward. But now, there are too many bloggers. In fact, if you are looking for a niche that isn’t too saturated, you will be surprised that you will look for that for a very long time.

Nevertheless, I want you to know that the sky is wide. It is pretty wide. And when you look up, you see that the sky is wide enough for every bird to do something it’s going to do up there. They fly freely, even though there are tons of birds.

Let me add this. You know, there are tons of blogs that are often abandoned. Many times, particularly in recent times, when people create new blogs, they do so with high expectations. They want to start earning money and growing big and all of that. Then, they start putting in a lot of effort (though some new bloggers don’t really put in a lot of efforts) and resources (though many new bloggers are not interested in investing too much resources). But when their expectations aren’t coming into fruition as they desired, they will then quit.

So, I think if we are discussing if blogging is still profitable in recent times, we should always consider the fact that many people will eventually abandon their blogs. This can either influence you to still jump into the ship or not bother at all. You know, if you are aware that some people will still eventually leave the race, it might mean you still have a chance to be successful. Because, the more people abandon their blogs, the lesser the competition (which is good for you, although it doesn’t work like that at all times). On the other hand, you might want to consider, “what if I also will be part of the folks that will eventually abandon their blogs for something else?”

Is Blogging Still Profitable In 2021?

Yes, it is. I mean, there are still tons of people making a lot of money via blogging. It is still possible to enter the ship and see great successes. Some folks still take advantage of what blogging offers, even though they recently entered the ship too.

However, there is something we should note. Nowadays, you have to be patient. And this is one of the major issues with many folks.

In former times, one can start a blog, and almost immediately, start seeing success. But now, things have changed in that circle.

So, while you can still make a lot of money with a new blog, you just have to learn to exercise patience. Hence, you might also abandon the blog along the line. The thing is, some of those that eventually abandoned their blogs will have become successful after some time only if they have persevered.

So, we can’t overemphasize this today. Patience is an important trait that is not in the dictionary of many folks today. But it’s really affecting the world negatively. Many young folks today indulge in terrible things just because they aren’t ready to be patient enough to wait for the dividends of something noble. If you want to be really successful as a blogger in a time as this without indulging in something unpleasant and wrong, you should learn to be patient.

Now, let me also say this. You must learn to be wise. There is a time to let go when things are not going in accordance with the way they ought to. It’s just like any other business venture. When it is draining too much from you and it appears there won’t be a light eventually, know where to quit and face other things. There are folks still holding on to blogs they should actually have abandoned. The fact is, there are blogs that won’t move up (due to one reason or another). So, just know the time to let go and focus on other projects.

In conclusion, you should realise that, even while there is stiff competition today in this circle, it is still possible and realistic to make a reasonable amount of money every month with your blog. Just know what you want and what you are doing. And as I’ve said, be patient enough! Keep pushing it right. Keep doing the right things, and you will be fine. Don’t try to break rules and don’t indulge in anything wrong and bad. Just do the right things and watch how success will come to you.


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