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How to Avoid Data Loss? 5 Amazing Tips

How to Avoid Data Loss? 5 Amazing Tips

How to Avoid Data Loss 5 Amazing Tips
How to Avoid Data Loss 5 Amazing Tips


Have you seen how we are afraid of heart attacks and take precautions from a young age to never suffer from one in our old age? Not only heart attack but from any health-related issues.


We are very conscious of what we do to restrict any diseased making home in our bodies. The same approach is needed while taking care of your data. It is a proven fact that data is one of the most valuable assets today.


Hence, like any other portfolio, you need certain backup plans to ensure your data is always safe and secure. However, if you don’t regularly back up your data, this is where the concept of data recovery kicks in.

How Does Data Loss happen?

Let’s be frank about this. Improper internal data handling contributes to the majority of the data losses. You will be surprised to know that the major pillar of data losses is not cyber attacks but accidental deletion.

The following will surprise you even more.

  • Human errors.
  • Inadequate access control.
  • Physical theft.

How to Prevent Data Loss?

“Prevention over cure”, will perfectly define the purpose here. There is no such thing as absolute safety in the digital world. There will be things that will just happen without prior notice and will cost you data. However, if you have a good strategy to avoid data losses, now that is something you must start working on.

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The following might help you avoid data losses.

1. Backup

Backups are simply the best hedge against data loss. Backup offers a cost-effective solution instead of paying hundreds of dollars for data recovery services. Backup simply means you are keeping a copy of the original content to a different location. It does not involve any complex procedures. However, you need to ensure that backup is done at a regulated frequency.

2. Diversify Your Backup

Most companies and individuals take pride in having backups as the ultimate plan to avoid data loss. Well, it might not be the ultimate plan, but it certainly offers convenience while recovering lost data.


However, here is a thing: backups are not 100% potent. They cannot guarantee 100% data recovery. In fact, there are times when you cannot get hold of your backup due to some network issues.

To never find yourself in such a situation, it is always a better idea to have multiple backups at multiple locations.

3. Encryption

Encryption does plan an important role in restricting the access of data. For your information, when data is backed up, they are not encrypted. This means whoever accesses the back. Can access any data freely. Hence, invest in backup systems or services that offer automatic encryption facilities.

4. Address Data Security

Mobile has become a lucrative business tool for the business. Mobile allows businesses to reach their customers at their convenience. However, only a few people know that mobile leaves the business data vulnerable.

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Hence, if a mobile device accesses your data, ensure that the data can be wiped out after using the remorse data management system.

5. Use Antiviruses

Cyber threats like Hacking, Phishing, and Ransomware are some of the biggest threats to your data. Hence having an antivirus security system in place will ensure that all the threats are restricted at bay.

Take Away

Most businesses do not plan to lose their data. But that doesn’t mean they are immune to any data loss. If you are not careful with your data handling practices, even a simple process of removing redundancy can result in data losses.


Always remember, the best offense is always the best defence. If you keep your data prioritized all the time, you will take action to keep it safe and secure.

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