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Keeping Your Console Clean: The Why and How of Gamer Hygiene

Keeping Your Console Clean: The Why and How of Gamer Hygiene

Keeping Your Console Clean: The Why and How of Gamer Hygiene
Keeping Your Console Clean: The Why and How of Gamer Hygiene

Just how dirty is your Xbox? Do you regularly clean down your Switch or PlayStation? Most gamers likely want to keep their kit looking and working at its best. However, it might surprise you how much bacteria is lurking on your game consoles.

We obviously can’t see microbial nastiness, so it’s often worth being safe rather than sorry. A study published by Betway online casino found that consoles, on average, have 3x more bacteria than your toilet seat. Of course, it’s the type of bacteria that matters here, but even so – that’s pretty grim!

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Some germs could cause illness if enough builds up. Plus, who wants to play with a gunked-up controller? Here are a few great ways to keep your console happy and healthy.


Give It All a Dust

A dusting down is an excellent idea, on the whole. Suppose you can cover your console with a dustproof sheet when not in use, great. If not, make sure to give it a whiff down with a cloth or duster regularly. Otherwise, it’s worth using a simple cleaner and wiping down to make certain spills are out of the question.


Go For Antibacterial Wipes

Antibacterial wipes that are kind to the skin are great for wiping down your controllers. It’s quick and easy, and you can pretty much wave goodbye to anything nasty and unseen. Beyond this, you’ll undoubtedly want to get a few baby buds to hand to wipe into the various cracks.


Going Deeper

Getting deeper into cleaning your consoles and tech is going to take a bit more of an effort. In some cases, if your console is kicking up dust, you might need a screwdriver or two. Take a look at the operations manual for your console and ensure that you’re within warranty protection. What you won’t want to do is invalidate your protection to give things a clean!

It’s good to grab a can of compressed air if you want to blast away dust. However, you have to be careful when it comes to wipes. If any contain bleach or anything corrosive, you may do more harm than good. It’s worth consulting advice from your specific manufacturer for guidance here.


Why Does This Matter?

Indeed, bacteria are everywhere in its millions and millions. Without it, we pretty much wouldn’t be breathing right now. That said, there are some hidden nasties you really shouldn’t get on the wrong side of. What’s more, leaving your consoles and controllers to fester is only going to make things worse.

Different consoles and controllers have different needs. What’s interesting about Betway’s research is that different systems have various sizes of colonies!

Therefore, it really will pay to look into the specific demands of your given console. In any case, at least give that PlayStation a bit of a dust now and again – you never know what’s living on it!


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