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How to unlock a Mac using your Android’s fingerprint scanner

AirCheck G2

Tired of using passwords every time you need to get into your Mac? Short of just removing password protection, you really don’t have many options to make getting into your computer more convenient, This is because Apple doesn’t include a fingerprint scanner on any of their Mac. But if you own an Android device then there’s an app for that. …

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How to get ios(iphone) features on your Android phone

Simplest Method for Tracking Your Car

Perhaps you’re fully immersed in the Google ecosystem or have recently switched to an Android device as the iPhone X or iPhone 8 didn’t quite tick your boxes but miss the iOS experience. Now you can get the best of both worlds leveraging the flexibility of Android and make your device at least look like it runs iOS to make …

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How to run gta 5 on your Android phone

Twilight Pro Unlock

GTA 5 is without a doubt, one of the best games to ever come out. It managed to sell more than 95 million copies and had a profit of more than 6 billion dollars. Unfortunately, due to hardware limitations, we never saw GTA 5 on Android. However, what if I told you that it’s entirely possible to play GTA 5 …

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Top 5 best free unlimited vpn for android

Download Cignal VPN for Free Browsing and Data Cap Bypass

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN programs give you the ability to browse the Internet with more anonymity, privacy and allow you to access websites that are normally not accessible in your country. More on how VPN programs work in this article. With that being said, here are some of the best free unlimited VPN for Android devices. As a …

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Priority Mode

Google finally implemented a proper Do Not Disturb mode with Lollipop, and it’s exceedingly easy to access – just click either of the volume keys on your device to summon the volume slider, which now lets you access three different modes: None, Priority, and All. If you’d like to get no interruptions, even alarms, None will do it, and you …

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Top best App lock for your smartphone

Secure Connection

App lock applications allow you to lock your installed applications from the Play Store. In order to access a locked app, you’ll have to insert a form of password or pin depending on the app lock that you used. There are various app lockers available in the Play Store. Each one of them works in a slightly different way, offers …

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Identify which apps are slowing your phone down

XIAOMI Redmi 3S Pro

We all don’t want our phone to be laggy or slow, we want a fast phone that wouldn’t be testing out your patience, well, all that can be done with a few clicks here and there So this is a two-parter: 1. Enable Developer Options by going to Settings > About Phone > Build Number. Tap on Build Number a …

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How to extend your battery life

We all have Battery problems in one way or the other,either it isn’t charging fast or it is discharging fast,well this post is for the latter, we can conserve,save and properly utilize your battery through the following steps First, turn off Bluetooth, GPS (Settings > Location > switch to off *or* tap Mode > Battery saving), and sync for apps …

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How to shutdown someone’s computer remotely

Today i’m gonna show you a computer  trick , it’s how to shut down someone’s computer remotely ( we are only using pc today no phones needed) REQUIREMENTS 1. A computer or a laptop 2. victims ip address 3. Internet connection on your pc and the victims pc ( its more useful if you are connected to the same network …

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  1. Insert a USB flash drive into a running computer. 2. Open a Command Prompt window as an administrator. 3. Type diskpart . 4. In the new command line window that opens, to determine the USB flash drive number or drive letter, at the command prompt, type list disk , and then click ENTER. The list disk command displays …

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How to check your BVN number on your mobile device

You can now check your BVN number on your phone using any sim card, but it come at a cost of N20 How to do it? Simply dial *565*0#. This service costs N20.

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How to get rid of slow Internet on computers

Just tired of slightly slow internet? Windows uses 35% of your bandwidth which makes your internet slow.Here’s how to Get it back . A nice little tweak for all windows. NOTE: Please don’t comment like ” can this work in windows 8.1?”, “can this work with windows 10?”, and those blah, blah. I mean it works with all windows. Microsoft …

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To secure our mobile phones we use to put lock on it for privacy and protect from others. We change pattern locks more often so that no one can know exact pattern. Due to some challenges,we forget our locks. And sometimes our files are so important to us. Making it simple to recover files without losing any I tried to …

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What is a proxy server and why should you use it

Proxy servers have taken privacy and security to new levels. They enable you to browse the internet without fear of detection, which introduces a host of pros and cons. You can securely access your favorite websites or perform your business privately; but likewise, hackers can roam undetected. What Is a Proxy Server? In short, a proxy server is a computer …

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Open a bank account, transfer money, pay subscriptions, buy credit all from the comfort of your phone

You can open a access bank account, transfer money, pay subscriptions, buy credit from your account Technology have evolved in which you don’t have to stress yourself about anything again, you can do all the above things from the comfort of your mobile device How can you do that? Simply dial *901# and follow the prompt on Anything you want …

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