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How to shutdown someone’s computer remotely

Today i’m gonna show you a computer  trick , it’s how to shut down someone’s computer remotely ( we are only using pc today no phones needed)


1. A computer or a laptop
2. victims ip address
3. Internet connection on your pc and the victims pc ( its more useful if you are connected to the same network / wifi)


1. Connect to the same network as he is
2. Press the windows button and R on the keyboard to open “run ”
3. When you have already opened “run” type in cmd then click ok , it should open command prompt .
4. After opening command prompt type ” shutdown -i ” ( without the quotes. note there should be a space between ” n and the hyphen ” ) it should bring you a shutdown application
5. At the application click add and insert the victims ip address , then click ok .

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  1. How do I get the victims ip address

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