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Priority Mode

Google finally implemented a proper Do Not Disturb mode with Lollipop, and it’s exceedingly easy to access – just click either of the volume keys on your device to summon the volume slider, which now lets you access three different modes: None, Priority, and All. If you’d like to get no interruptions, even alarms, None will do it, and you can even set a time frame as long as 8 hours (or indefinitely). On the other end of the spectrum is the All mode – everything goes through.

  • As you can guess, Priority mode sits somewhere in the middle. It allows you to filter the types of interruptions that go through and the ones that don’t. For example, you can set up the mode so that only calls and texts from your starred contacts are allowed. You can also be very specific about the parts of the day Priority mode kicks in – for example, the time you typically go to sleep is usually a good starting point.

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