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Blockchain And Crypto Gaming: A Guide
Blockchain And Crypto Gaming: A Guide

Top Crypto Social Media Platforms


Many folks today can’t do without social media, hence contributing a lot to the wealth of large social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Indeed, due to people’s love for interacting on social media, these giant social media platforms are generating trillions of dollars worth of revenue.

Nevertheless, from another point, you will see that a lot of big companies in this sphere seem to be controlling and censoring what users can see on their platforms. Hence, there are a lot of social media users that are realizing the dangers of centralized social media platforms. Talk about privacy concerns and even moderation practices, many folks are tired already.

Hence, crypto social media platforms seem to be the new cool. Remember that blockchain is one of the leading technologies right now. Smart and innovative people have been harnessing the strength of blockchain technology in the social media world too.

Top Crypto Social Media Platforms

1. Torum

Let’s start with Torum. It is a superb ad-free crypto social media platform that came with features you will find from the likes of Twitter and Facebook. Torum came with its own token and active users of the platform are rewarded.

On Torum, you are also permitted to gift coins to other users on the platform to appreciate their quality content. If you even desire, you can have your own company page on Torum which has similar features to LinkedIn. Indeed, there are numerous things you can do on this platform, and you will like its beautiful design.

Torum’s browser version is quite mobile-friendly, and it is backed by various large investors, such as Huobi Ventures, etc. Interestingly, Torum has been able to grow more than some other similar social media platforms.

2. Minds

Minds is another superb social media platform that was founded by Eron Wolf, who already had a great reputation in the technology space. The aim of the platform is to empower people to speak freely and earn crypto.

This next-generation social network is not only structured to reward users but also came with revolutionary privacy controls. With Minds, social media users are given back the power of information from corporations. If you are bent on using a platform that doesn’t mine user data for ad purposes, then you should get started with Minds.

Finally, some time ago, this platform was able to raise $10M from Futo, a freedom tech organization. It currently has millions of users and it is doing just fine.

3. SocialX

This is another open-source initiative that is also designed to be community-driven. If you want to imagine how SocialX is, then you should think Instagram (think about a photo- and video-first network). It should also be added that this rewards users with the SOCX token, and which is a digital coin that can be traded on different platforms.

One of the most remarkable features of SocialX is Superlikes. When you receive Superlikes, SocialX rewards you with SOCX tokens from its own reward pool.

Like many other crypto social networks, SocialX allows you to earn tokens for posting photos and videos. The network plans to launch company pages and its own prepaid credit card soon so that users will be able to spend their rewards instantly using the SocialX card.

4. BitClout DeSo Project

Here is another sophisticated platform that should be on the list. It has raised $200M from various VC firms before now, in spite of coming on board in 2021. Due to some factors, there have been different things being said about the platform. However, BitClout keeps getting new users due to its open-source nature as well as its earning potential.

5. DTube

If you know and use YouTube, then you can envision DTUBE. Its website looks like that of YouTube, and it is not hard for you to adapt to the platform quickly. Nevertheless, DTube doesn’t have any ads, unlike YouTube which reasonably revolves around ads.

DTube is clean, and its search results are shown by relevance to one’s query (unlike YouTube which is influenced by algorithms). DTube acts as a decentralized search engine for videos, and you get to earn for being active on the platform.

For each like and comment on your content on the platform, you will earn.

6. Ignite

This platform should also be added to the list, as it has a nice positioning among other crypto social media platforms. Ignite is a famous as decentralized microblogging service that aimed at becoming a genuine independent platform.

Ignite was built on top of The Prometeus Framework, and good emphasis was given to important things like security and speed. If you crave freedom of speech, and you are not cool with censorship, then Ignite might be cool with you. It is a platform that protects anonymity, and you are allowed to share your opinions as far as you have modern internet access.

Currently, there are numerous users on Ignite, and there are various ways to earn money using the platform too.

7. Flote

On Flote, users are permitted to share their art, performance, and stories. This social media platform is a community-driven initiative that permits you to livestream, post audio, video, images, and text posts.

Flote has a Patreon-like subscription to fans that get exclusive content from creators in exchange for a monthly tip. Of course, it doesn’t have any platform fees. Right now, it even has an integrated Bitcoin wallet that helps you to purchase BTC with your debit or credit card.

In Conclusion

These are some of the top crypto social media platforms that can be utilized in such a time as this.

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