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How To Earn Cryptocurrency In 2023 With No Investment


Considering how cryptocurrency seems to be growing in popularity, a lot of folks are now interested in this innovative currency and are interested in getting digital coins too. Of course, there are various ways to earn cryptocurrency, but here, we will focus on how to do this without investment.

How To Earn Cryptocurrency In 2023 With No Investment

1. You Can Claim a Crypto Sign-Up Bonus

So, there are certain cryptocurrency exchanges that offer sign up bonuses to new users with the aim of encouraging them to sign up. These are big platforms that are doing just fine already, and they do this as a strategy. For instance, when you sign up with KuCoin, you can get a reasonable deal of rewards.

One of the reasons we should start with this particular method is because it is very easy and fast. One can simply sign up for a new account on some of these cryptocurrency exchanges in just a few minutes.

2. Referral Bonus

You can also utilize this method to earn some cryptocurrency if you know your way around. It should be noted that there are several cryptocurrency products that offer referral bonuses for introducing others to engage their stuff. For instance, when you successfully refer a user to a place like Coinbase, both you and the new user get around $10!

3. Learn and Earn

You should understand that there are certain exchanges that give cryptocurrency rewards to users who are ready to watch educational content about the cryptocurrency ecosystem. You might be wondering how that is possible and realistic – it is a business strategy.

So, for instance, you can use Coinbase to learn and earn, as it gives rewards to users who complete short modules on different cryptocurrency projects. Also, you can see something like that too on Binance, as well as a platform like Phemex.

One of the nice things about this method of earning free cryptocurrency is that you will be building up your knowledge base as you earn. It is also easy to do these things, as the videos are designed to be short.

4. Use Brave Browser

You can use an innovative browser like Brave Browser to earn cryptocurrency too. This is easy, as you only have to browse the web to earn what is called BAT (Basic Attention Token) after viewing ads on the browser. If you are critical about this browser, you don’t have to, since it is a popular browser for crypto investors that has a reputation.

All you have to do is to install the browser and get started, joining the millions of folks already making use of the browser.

5. Interest rewards

You can also utilize this method to earn some cryptocurrency too. There are different cryptocurrency exchanges out there that offer interest rewards to their users just for holding cryptocurrency on their platforms.

However, it is very important that you study the platform you will be doing business with very well before you leave your resources on the platform. It is advisable to avoid platforms that offer too high APYs to their users.

6. Staking rewards

Also, there are Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchains out there that give rewards to investors who stake their digital coins to verify their transactions and secure the blockchain (the likes of Ethereum and Solana fall into the category). As users stake cryptocurrency, they can start earning yield from fees from blockchain transactions.

This is another easy way to earn free cryptocurrency, and it is necessary to remember that there are blockchains that demand a minimum lockup period.

7. Shop and Earn

Now, there are browser extensions like Lolli that can be utilized to earn cryptocurrency as folks shop online. This platform allows to get up to 30% cashback as users shop at partner sites (such as Nike, eBay, etc).

8. Yield farming

Now, just if you are wondering what this means, it actually has to do with using DeFi to maximize your cryptocurrency rewards. You should know that there are investors making use of yield farming protocols — and it becomes possible to maximize rewards from multiple DeFi protocols.

Some well-known DeFi protocols that allow people to earn yield include Aave, Alchemix, etc.

9. Play-to-Earn games

In an innovative space, folks can earn free cryptocurrency via this method. There are now different innovative video games out there that allow you to earn cryptocurrency as you play.

For instance, you can do Axie Infinity. This game can be utilized to win cryptocurrency as a reward for battling Axies (Pokemon-like creatures). Then we can talk about DeFI Kingdoms. Generally, this will prove useful to gamers who enjoy playing games.

10. Freelance

You can also earn free cryptocurrency via the freelance route, as you complete tasks for clients. Interestingly, there are various freelance platforms out there that are now designed to offer crypto rewards.

For instance, you can work with Braintrust, as it is a large platform that pays freelancers in USD. You can also use CryptoTask, which is another popular freelance platform that is used by many freelancers.

In all, always remember that to earn cryptocurrency rewards, users must complete their tasks to the satisfaction of the clients. Also, don’t forget that the time it takes to earn digital coins on freelance websites can vary heavily depending on the specifics of the task.

In Conclusion

While there are several others, you can start with any of these ones. If you are still looking for how to earn cryptocurrency in 2023 without investment, you can utilize any of these methods and platforms.

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