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Warzone 2: Ultimate Beginners Guide & Best Tips

Warzone 2: Ultimate Beginners Guide & Best Tips

There is no denying the fun and satisfaction attained by players when they try to play a war simulation game like Call of Duty. Ever since the release of Warzone 2.0 in November 2022, people have been interested in getting better at the game. Below are some of the easiest yet most practical tips when playing Warzone. 

Ultimate Beginners Guide & Best Tips
Ultimate Beginners Guide & Best Tips

Using The Warzone 2 DMZ Mode 

The DMZ mode in warzone 2 is a convenient short burst of activity aimed at getting the maximum advantage and leverage over the game. It is a timed activity where the combatant is put in a hostile environment and must get as much benefit as possible. 

With the DMZ mode, the drawback is that the player does not get to keep any weapon or advantage if he is killed during the action. So, it is key to the game’s progress that the player gets to take the most out of the action and gets out alive to the next stage. 

The good thing about the DMZ mode is that the player can leave the mode before the allotted 15 minutes is up with the gathered loot. Thus, it allows the participant to move on if the action gets too hot to handle. 

The Use of Cheats to Beat the Game 

One of the most valuable tactics when playing video games is to use hacks or cheats to get the better of the game. The cheats ensure that players get to complete a particular level of a game or that they tend to beat a game. Call of Duty is a PC game that has had a number of cheats developed by gamers over the years. 

Thus, it comes as little surprise to use the 100% undetected warzone 2 cheats to advance in the game. These cheats are affordable and are entirely hidden by the game at any point during play. 

With simple hacks, it is possible to retain an interest in a game when the going gets tough. For some of the senior players, the cheats are a great way to move forward in a game designed for the younger players. 

The Importance of The Map 

The map of Al Mazrah is laid out logically for the user to read as the play progresses. Often players tend to ignore the map as they are engrossed in playing the game. It is essential to plan where the drop must be done and where to exit by the player. There are also convenient spots where ambushes can be planned out and executed. 

One of the notable points about the map on Warzone 2 is that it is divided into separate zones of play. It is essential to keep focused on where the action is taking place. At the same time, being aware of what is to be expected as the game progresses is an added advantage. 

There is on hand revised circle mechanics that help the player get to read the map more conveniently. The map splits into smaller circles which merge into a single extensive process as the focus of the game shifts from one part to the other. 

Using Contracts

The contracts are a convenient way of gathering loot in the game. They are marked out separately on the map as the game progresses and are primarily of four types.

  • Bounty: These are players that you have to eliminate to earn credits. It must be noted that removing a bonus is a time-bound action that needs completion in a particular fixed time.
  • Safecracker: As the term suggests, the player must locate and blast open safes to take the loot. The catch here is that the blasting can draw unwelcome attention to yourself.
  • Secure Intel: This is the couriering of intel from one place to the other and ends in earning credit for your efforts.
  • Most wanted: You are a marked man for ten minutes in this activity. Surviving the session would mean rewards and the reinstatement of dead companions.

Thus, the contracts are a convenient way of amassing credits and scoring in the game. But each of them comes with its own risk, and the player must be willing to take on some risky business to get ahead. 


It takes an experienced hand to get better at Warzone 2. The tips help players with some easy-to-perform tasks that bring in extra rewards that pays to keep this in mind. The cheats or hacks in games like Call of Duty are of particular interest to players as they help get the better of the game.


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