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Digital Transformation In Education: Trends and Problems

Digital Transformation In Education: Trends and Problems

Digital Transformation In Education
Digital Transformation In Education

Education has seen various trends in recent years. Many have to do with digitalization that seeps into every sphere of human activity. However, while these trends are overall positive, there are problems that they bring as well. In this article, we dive deep into these trends and the challenges you should be aware of as a student, parent, and teacher.

Digital Transformation In Education: 3 Major Trends and Problems

Below are the 4 trends and problems in education you should understand:

  • Online learning
  • The use of digital devices for learning
  • The use of IoT in education
  • Loss of companionship

1. Online learning

In order to reduce physical contact, many schools have opted for an online learning experience for their students. The benefit of this method is that everyone is safe. In addition, students can now wake up and get into a lecture without physically going to class. It’s convenient, and it allows students to learn much easier. However, some challenges with this trend are becoming increasingly evident.

For one, with students learning online, it becomes difficult for many slow learners to follow along with the class. Teachers have to schedule more time to reach out to such students, thus making them work longer and/or harder. Complex topics also become harder to explain. Also, as online learning removes or reduces physical contact, many students have found it challenging to their mental health.

2. The use of digital devices for learning

For students to follow along with online lectures, they need access to digital devices. This can be in the form of a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Many students are also learning to improve their writing skills through using such devices. However, like the other trends on this list, it brings certain problems.

For instance, it’s hard for some parents to afford these digital devices. This has forced some parents to buy cheap devices that aren’t very good for learning. For instance, it can be hard to learn properly on a screen that isn’t big enough. Also, spending long hours looking at a screen isn’t healthy for anyone, especially children. It has led to some students developing insomnia or other sleep-related issues.

3. The use of IoT in education

The internet is a great tool for learning. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a strong internet connection, you can learn easily. With 5G, this becomes much easier to do. For example, you can visit the Grab My Paper website and get a writer to work on your essay assignment. This can benefit your learning.

However, the internet isn’t a perfect place. There is a lot of harmful content on the web. One wrong click and a child can be sent down a very dark road that leads to years of addiction. Of course, parents can implement security locks on their children’s devices, but not all of them are tech-savvy enough to do this. In many cases, students are given their digital devices and trusted only to use them for learning.

Also, there is the danger of identity theft and other internet-related scams. A student might find it hard to tell whether an email is from their school or just someone looking to steal their personal information. Unless more schools decide to train students on internet safety, it’s hard to see how this problem can go away. Digital Transformation In Education: Trends and Problems

  1. Loss of companionship

A digital classroom is inclusive, convenient and can be personalized for every student. However, it can also feel solitary. In the digital age, we often communicate and learn online from the comfort of our homes, but that can make students develop feelings of loneliness. Digital learning oftentimes means a loss of companionship between students.

In Conclusion

Technology has been used as a tool for many years, and it remains a very useful one. However, despite all its benefits, you usually need to be aware of problems to make the best decisions. Hopefully, this article has made it easier for you to decide how the latest trends will impact your life.

Author’s Bio

Joanne Elliot is a software engineer and freelance writer. Her jobs have allowed her to participate in many projects geared toward helping students through technology. However, she still recognizes that there are areas for improvement, so she makes sure to cover both the good and the ugly side of technology in her articles.

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