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5 Ed-tech Tools that are Helping Students and Educators

5 Ed-tech Tools that are Helping Students and Educators

5 Ed-tech Tools that are Helping Students and Educators
5 Ed-tech Tools that are Helping Students and Educators

Learning is a two process. Therefore, the students and educators need to be involved in an effective learning process. Different education processes and tools have been developed to ensure efficient knowledge transfer. In particular, advancements in technology have transformed the education system. Likewise, the lockdowns from COVID-19 had made schools and other institutions change the knowledge transfer process.

All these changes have improved the quality of educational technology (ed-tech) tools in existence. This article will highlight for you 5 applications that are helpful for students and educators.

1. Zoom

There have been several video conferencing applications in circulation. However, no app has captured so many users in the shortest period of time than Zoom. This tool became popular due to the features it offers users. Presented are some reasons the Zoom app captivated people.

  • Easy of user
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Joining a call without needing to sign up
  • Effective audio transcription
  • A high number of call participants

For institutions looking to interact with learners seamlessly, Zoom offers an excellent option. Some of the features that enable learning include room breakouts, co-annotation in real-time, an electronic whiteboard, and easy content sharing. With these features, an educator may group and coordinate students while giving different tasks. In addition, all tasks or classes can be recorded, saved, and shared with users after a class. Teachers may also integrate secondary applications if they choose to expand the learning process.

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Extended reality has a bright future in the educational system. As such, many developers are actively developing learning tools that use virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. One of the few successful apps that offer quality ed-tech using extended reality is zSpace. In particular, this application uses augmented and virtual realities to develop a comprehensive solution for learners and educators. For you to use this platform, you will need a computer, a headset, and an electronic pen. Using these tools makes online learning possible through this app.

zSpace has several applications in different courses, which include STEM, medicine, and similar disciplines.

3. Google Classroom

As the name implies, Google Classroom is a comprehensive tool that serves as a virtual classroom. Created by Google, this tech tool is free to use. In addition, most of the applications that integrate into this platform are familiar to learners and their professors. With a Google email address, an educator can easily create and invite learners to partake in a digital class.

All parties can use all the applications contained in Google Workspace. Hence, users can make use of Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Docs, and much more. As such, a teacher can assign different class activities including essay writing and assignment. Similarly, Google Classroom lets you integrate with other learning platforms seamlessly.

4. Sibme

Sibme offers users a digital service-based system for teachers. It supports teachers through the provision of virtual coaching and expert service advice. For this reason, Sibme is ideal for instructors looking to improve their teaching skills. Also, it allows schools to build pre-recorded lessons that are interactive and polished to facilitate learning.

Beyond the usual education service, users can create comprehensive virtual workshops through Sibme. Therefore, you can use Subme to prepare, develop, deploy, and monitor interactive seminars of different sizes.

5. Padlet

Unlike other ed-tech tools, Padlet allows students to collaborate through its virtual bulletin board. Thus, learners can attach and share images, videos, and links. The user-friendly design of the app makes it easy for students to learn with minimal supervision. However, educators still have access to several features, which include group sessions for assignments.

Final Thoughts

Ed-tech tools are essential to today’s education. Each tool provides students and educators access to multiple virtual apps that can make online learning effective and easy.

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Joanne Elliot is an educator. She closely works with learners and instructors to improve the learning process. When she is not teaching, Joanne writes education-related content.

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