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Casino Bonuses applygist
Casino Bonuses applygist

Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonuses: What Are They?

People who want to try their luck in gambling should be aware of different types of casino bonuses. They give an excellent chance to play more but spend less. As a rule, each bonus has some wagering requirements. That is why it is necessary to visit the iGaming site and read its Terms and Conditions and Promotion sections. They provide more details about a gambler’s eligibility and overall demands.

We are going to inform you about the most popular rewards in this article to let you become an expert in this sphere.

Casino Bonuses applygist
Casino Bonuses applygist

Welcome Bonus

When people visit on-land casinos, they need to look great and spend money at once to buy chips. Online casinos take care of newcomers and reward them with new player bonuses. It could be either a cash prize which is usually called a bonus match or free spins. The first requires initial investments. A person deposits and the system doubles, triples, or even multiplies the sum five times. The second variant is to get free spins for deposits or after finishing playing the required number of times.

Deposit Bonus

This reward is usually associated with the previous one. Each casino has a minimal sum for first deposits. The average number varies between 5 and 20 conventional units. Experts recommend not investing a lot as a newcomer because of the wagering requirements. For example, the casino demands 30x wagering. It means that a person should stake the initially invested bet 30 times to get the bonus. So, it is easier to play 10 CU through than 100.

Casinos have 100%, 200%, 300%, 400%, and 500% bonus matches. The first two are more common than the other three. Let’s take the 200% bonus match as an example. A person invests $20 and gets $60 to gamble (20×2=40+20 (initial investment) = 60). As a rule, $40 remains on a balance account until the wagering requirements are completed.

No Deposit Bonus

The reward does not require investments. A person fills in the registration form, and the system tops up his or her bonus balance. Casinos usually demand too much for this reward but, to be honest, it is worth it. To conclude, the money is free, and one just follows the wagering requirements to get them. The scheme works the same way for no-cost spins for slot machines.

Free Spins

It belongs to the most popular types of casino bonuses. Casinos either provide them with a certain slot machine or products of a related game provider. The amount varies from 15 to 500. One needs to visit the T&C section to read the wagering rules and enjoy spins at zero cost. For example, there is a website where you can always find the best free spins – https://worldcasinoexpert.com/free-spins/.

Cashback Bonuses

This reward involves a long period. As a rule, it lasts from three to six months. A person gambles, the system calculates the investments and returns the mentioned in the T&C percentage. It is important not to change the payment method that was mentioned in the registration form within the bonus period. Due to that, a player will not lose the deserved reward. The wagering requirements concern the invested sum, and that is mentioned in the casino’s T&C.

Payment Bonuses

This reward concerns the deposit method that a person selects in the registration form. Some banks collaborate with casinos and sponsor those whose gamblers prefer their banking system. This bonus seldom occurs and usually regards e-wallets. Most casinos mention e-wallets as an instant payout system to attract more players to use it and do not wait several days to withdraw wins.


To conclude, gambling bonuses work as perfect tools for casino promotion. They let players who want to hit big wins gamble more without extra expenses. We describe bonuses and review casinos to allow you to play safely on the best web platforms.

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