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How to Download MyMTN App & Get Free 500MB/100MB Data

How to Download MyMTN App & Get Free 500MB/100MB Data Instantly

If you are using MTN, you can be entitled to a free 500MB data when you download MyMTN app on your Android device or iOS device. It should be noted that the free data can be used to do various things that you desire. If you like, you can, within the app, access all of your MTN services by yourself. You can also use it to browse and chat on social media networks and apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and so on.

For those who don’t know what MyMTN is, take note that it is an official MTN app that was developed to assist subscribers enjoy various self services. Some of these includes:
– Airtime topup
– Checking Airtime balance
– Checking data balance
– Checking bonuses
– Purchasing of bundles
– Transferring of Airtime,
And so on

With this app, you as a MTN user now have greater control of your own mobile services so you can access services and solve issues without the need to first contact customers service representatives.

Additionally, the app gives you access to information about MTN’s products and services whenever you have need of it. You can access all of them anytime you desire.

MyMtn is free to download, and when you get it, you are rewarded with 500mb data for just downloading it on your phone. Users can still get or activate the free 100MB data via text message even if they didn’t download the app.

This is not a cheat, and users have no need for things like VPN before they can make use of it. It is simply a bonus from the company to their customers.

How To Download MyMTN App and Get Free 500MB Data

To download the app and get your free data, launch the google play store if you are using an Android device. If you are making use of an iPhone, get yours from your Apple itunes

How To Get MTN MyApp Free 500MB Data Via SMS

You can also get free data via SMS without the need to download the MyMTN app or to use USSD code.

To do this, simply Sms MyApp to 131 on your MTN line and wait for about 20 seconds. After doing that, the user will receive a confirmation message with their 500MB data. There are times that the user won’t get a reply. At such times, the simple thing to do is to check their balance (with *559*4#)

Who’s Eligible For This Free Data?

It should be noted that MyMTN app free data is not available for every user of MTN, therefore, some people will get an error message in the process.

However, users can continue to try continuously if they don’t fall into the category of customers that are eligible for the offer. If it won’t work out, then make use of another SIM card.

MTN MyApp Data Validity

It should be noted that the data is valid for just 3 days. Therefore, those that were given should ensure they do all it takes to make use of it before it expires.

If you are using MTN, why not try this out and see how it will work out

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