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What’s All new with the Free, powerful and privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics?

What’s All new with the Free, powerful and privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics?

In our rapid and knowledge-driven generation, it’s quite undeniable that modern technology has fully developed and; will still continue to improve greatly. Hundreds of Millions of websites are created every year, new business brands are also in the race for visibility on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. SEO and digital marketers seek tools to help get a better understanding of online users, this will enable them to know where to focus more energy. There are several tools that can be used to optimize websites and searched keywords. However, a good knowledge of the best and new innovations will save you a lot of money and time.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if one could find a more powerful and privacy-friendly alternative to Google analytics like Piwik PRO Analytics suite?

What’s Piwik PRO Analytics Suite about?

piwik-pro-product-comp-5 (1)
piwik-pro-product-comp-5 (1)

Piwik PRO Analytics Suite is a privacy-first platform that offers the advanced analytics features of Google Analytics while allowing for full control of data. It provides flexible reports and data collection in addition to consent management, tag management and a customer data platform.

Analytics professionals from leading organizations such as the Government of the Netherlands, Crédit Agricole and Greiner, optimizes customer and user journeys with Piwik PRO., And has been premiered on the 22nd of September 2021 and is now publicly available.

Piwik PRO Analytics - User flow
Piwik PRO Analytics – User flow

Piwik PRO Core out of early access and into public launch with new

features and fewer limits, you can check out piwik.pro/core-plan/ for quick access and how to go about it, honestly it’s totally flexible! The Piwik PRO Analytics Suite is quite available to anyone who wants to analyze the customer and user journey in business, Government or education. Moreover, Privacy laws are on the rise, as is the demand for compliant analytics platforms. Respecting individuals’ privacy is becoming more important globally. Gartner predicts that by 2023, 65% of the world will be protected by modern regulations. At the same time, many internet users are more aware of their rights and don’t want to be tracked without permission. This puts pressure on the website owners that want to follow the laws and satisfy user’s expectations while still collecting valuable data. Many popular analytics tools don’t help them with this task.

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A quick reminder!

Google Analytics – used on 85.7% of websites with installed analytics – is part of the closed, tightly connected advertising ecosystem of Google. Data protection authorities, such as The German Data Protection Conference, and has raised concerns over how Google handles information about website visitors it acquires through Google Analytics. They advise limiting the amount of data sent to the platform. Free alternatives to Google Analytics exist, but they don’t offer the same capabilities and that’s why Piwik PRO is filling this gap with its “Core plan”. It combines a better approach to data privacy with advanced web and product analytics.

Piwik PRO Audience Manager - SCV (1)
Piwik PRO Audience Manager – SCV (1)

The AdBlock plus co-founder: Tim Schumacher, is an investor in Piwik PRO due to its privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics. According to Him;

“Basically, I had the pleasure to observe the continuous development of Piwik PRO. Data privacy and respect for user rights have always been a part of their priority and terms DNA. New functionalities and the introduction of the free plan has made Piwik PRO Analytics Suite evolve even in more serious competition to Google Analytics.”

Piwik PRO Core highlights post invitation phase [NEW!]
Piwik PRO

The Piwik PRO Core includes;

1. Web and mobile analytics,
2. Tag management and
3. Consent management,
4. With 14-month data retention,
5. 500,000 monthly actions and full access to raw data.
6. Data collected is stored on secure cloud servers in Germany also Users may safely onboard.
7. first-party data from many sources, add and test new tools on their websites. All this while
8. visitors retain control over their data sharing preferences.
9. The familiar interface, extensive onboarding materials and community support make it easy to
migrate to Piwik PRO Analytics Suite from Google Analytics and similar platforms.

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More modules, actions, hosting options and SLA packages are available in other plans.
Anyone interested in using the Piwik PRO Core plan can create their free account on the Piwik
PRO website, You are sure to experience the best, reliable, privacy-friendly and unlimited access.

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