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Paystack vs Flutterwave

When it comes to payment processing in Nigeria, we can’t but make mention of the duo of Paystack and Flutterwave. These huge payment processors are now used by several businesses, entrepreneurs, large corporations, etc.

As expected, it is normal to start comparing two big products – particularly to indicate which should be settled for. There are businesses seeking information as regards which of these payment processors they should start using. Of course, something ideal to do is to look at the features that both of these solutions offer (among other things).

Irrespective of who you are and what you represent – a merchant, freelancer, or even a business – this article will help you in making a sound decision.

This piece is meant to make the whole process easier by highlighting relevant parts of the products a merchant, business or freelancer might need to make a sound decision, as we will explore (and base) things on these three parameters:
1. Features
2. Pricing
3. Customer Support.

First things first.

1. Flutterwave Vs Paystack: Features and Tools

Here, we will be exploring some of the different features and tools the two payment pprocessos have integrated with their product. The essence of it all is to see to it that payment collection will get very easy for users. It’s a normal thing that preference will vary (as different businesses offers different services). Nevertheless, a good payment processor will make the whole payment seamless.

Now, talking about Paystack, as you start exploring the dashboard as a merchant, you will get to see that you can utilise several features and tools that will make your business and payment collection much easier.

There are payment pages (single pages) that can help you collect payments from people for a particular product. With this, you can collect a one-time payment and even a recurring/subscription payment. Additionally, you can collect a fixed payment amount on the page and even different payment amounts. It should also be added that a merchant can even create a custom link for their payment page.

Additionally, there is a feature that allows one to manage a simple inventory of products and sell directly or with Payment Pages (which have been discussed up there). So, on this page (Products Page), you can see a list of all the products you wish to sell from your Paystack Dashboard. As a merchant, you can sell single or multiple products.

Then, there is a spot for “Invoices”, where, as a Paystack merchant, you can “bill your customers easily or send professional invoices.” If you are a contact worker or a freelancer, you should find this very useful.

Then, there is the “Recurring billings” feature, where With this, your customers can set up a subscription plan (for instance) to be billed recurrently.

Flutterwave’s Features & Tools

Having talked about paystack, here are some features available to Flutterwave’s users:

a. Virtual cards: You can actually create and manage virtual cards on their card issuing platform (Flutterwave). So, you have the liberty to generate cards for your different purposes and also add spending or site-specific limits.

b. Invoices: Users can also create professional invoices without much stress, and then get paid and track payments with Flutterwave invoicing. You can get the invoices shared directly to Whatsapp, and also remind customers to pay as quick as possible.

c. Checkout: There is a checkout page on the platform where merchants can easily collect payment from your customers. It should also be added (which is pretty impressive) that through this means, you can collect payments in over 150 currencies.

d. Payment Links: You can create simple links that help you collect payment from customers without issues. These also work like Paystack’s “payment pages”. We should also add that payment links can be single charge or subscription links.

Flutterwave Vs Paystack: Pricing

Now, let’s talk about pricing for both payment processors. It must be noted that they both have pricing models for various packages. Interestingly, both only charge per transaction. It is nice because these companies will only make money when merchants make sales or customers carry out transactions.

For Paystack, they charges1.5% + NGN 100 for local transactions. Nevertheless, the NGN 100 fee is waived for transactions that is under NGN 2,500. Additionally, the company’s charges on transactions are capped at NGN 2,000. Hence, the highest a merchant can ever pay for transactions using Paystack is N2,000.

On the other hand, Flutterwave will charge a 1.4% processing fee per local transaction. Processing fees are also capped at NGN 2000. Nevertheless, unlike their rival, there’s no additional N100 fee.

For international transactions, while Paystack charge a 3.9% (+ NGN 100), Flutterwave gets 3.8% processing fee.

Flutterwave Vs Paystack: Customer Support

Of course, when determining which payment processor to settle for, the most important things are the features, tools and pricing offered by these companies. Nevertheless, we can’t but also talk about their customer support – as this is also an integral part of any business. When dealing with technical stuff like payment processing, we can’t but get to a stage where we need to contact the customer support.

It won’t be funny when you need assistance to get something done and you discovered that the customer service of a particular company is nothing but thrash. So, when products have reasonable support team, users are always better for it.

In conclusion, both products are great, and we don’t want to refer any to you (well, with the things we have written, you can decide which you believe will serve you better). If you have been using a foreign payment processor as a Nigerian, you might want to start using any of our own indigenous products – choose any of paystack or Flutterwave. You can try any of them or use both of them and see which can serve you best. If you have used any of them (or maybe both of them), you can take to the comments to give your opinion

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