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Best Start-ups In Tanzania

Located in the Eastern part of the continent of Africa, Tanzania is a country that’s home to around 60 million people. Tanzania has been witnessing advancement in important areas, and they now have innovative companies here and there.

It was made known that more than 70% of the Tanzanian population have mobile subscriptions, and 38% of the mobile users connected to internet. While there is still room for greater improvements, it is obvious that they are still ahead of some other countries.

In this article, we will be exploring some of the superb start-ups in the beautiful country of Tanzania. Let’s talk about them:

1. bimaAFYA (health insurance):
This firm gives those that make up the low income population and Informal sector the chance to get a Lowest premium, Highest benefits, Mobile distributed, Mobile phone managed benefits platform and Mobile money paid micro-health insurnace.

2. Telescrypt:
Here is another innovative and important tech company. They have built a low-bandwidth, easy-to-use hardware, web and mobile-based platform to promote telemedicine in developing countries, and place patient information in the hands of physicians in an intuitive and easy-to-use format..

3. Tanzania Tech:
The media firm provide tech news in Swahili language. This will enable more people to know the latest happenings in the technology industry.

4. Dundiza Tanzania

Here is a proprietary platform that helps young people and women in both Tanzania and Africa at large to save their money wisely either daily, weekly, monthly and yearly using their own mobile phones.

5. Harlos:
Their product is used shipping containers which help folks solve the problem of flexible storage, movable offices during projects and stylish store for business.

6. PayChap:

Here is another innovative payment platform in Tanzania. They are working towards ensuring the country moves to become a cashless economy. They offer a mobile wallet app that brings convenience and reliability with secure world-class payment technology and infrastructure which involves the core function of ‘Scan to Pay’ feature by use of QR code technology

7. FixChap:

With this innovative platform, people can book repair requests and get connected with verified servicemen within their locations.

8. Primeware:

This innovative startup provide solutions for Web, Mobile and Messaging platforms to help businesses stand out in today’s digital age.

9. GreenFeed:

Here is a safe, quality and affordable animal feed made from fresh food waste, and can be fed to poultry, pigs, cattle, dogs and shorts.

10. ClickPesa:

Finally on our list is ClickPesa, a fine product that allows people to make payments for goods and services using their existing m-money, bank accounts, bitcoin wallets and any other store of value.

In conclusion, we expect more innovative people to come up with more innovative products from Tanzania in the nearest future. We also expect the Tanzanian government to keep working hard towards ensuring that the environment gets more conducive for start-ups to grow and mature. With this in place, they will be able to create more wealth and more employment opportunities

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