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AYEEN 2019 Beneficiaries List

This is to inform you that the A.Y.E officials have extensively reviewed and evaluated all proposals received in strict accordance with the A.Y.E Program Evaluation Criteria. As earlier communicated to you, the list of the AYEEN 2019 Beneficiaries is published on the 31st, December 2019. 

Selecting the most deserving entrepreneurs from our pool of applications annually is always a challenging task and It has taken the Evaluation Committee their time and undivided attention to carefully advice the Organisation on who should make the AYEEN 2019 Beneficiaries list.

AYEEN winners 2019 list
AYEEN winners 2019 list

We urge you not to relent in your passion and pursuit to succeed if you do not make the Beneficiaries list because we believe that your relationship with the Organisation has benefitted your business in one way or the other. We implore you to stay dedicated to proffering solutions to humanity because there is profit when you solve problems.

Remember, this action is not a reflection of the value of your Business or Idea but on an independent decision made by the Evaluation Committee. The A.Y.E Organisation would love to empower everyone, but our relatively limited resources can only cater for as many as would be published.

To those who make the AYEEN 2019 Beneficiaries list, we say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!!  A.Y.E believes in you and sees you as a catalyst for poverty eradication in Africa. We hope you make us proud.

We wish you greater success in your business endeavors in 2020.

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