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Paly PUBG Tournaments online Earn Cash

Paly PUBG Tournaments online Earn Cash

PUBG Tournaments can now be played online along with other friends. This offers players the opportunity to test their skills against other PUBG players, this can help you win real money prizes which can be withdrawn to your Paypal account.

pubg tournaments
pubg tournaments

Make money while playing PUBG

Enter a tournament anytime, entry fee $1, 10 of 100 players win prizes up to $50

Reactiq.net – is an online public PUBG tournaments service which provides an opportunity to earn real money while playing PUBG, not only for professionals but for anyone with some skill. Each tournament has its own rules and settings, so check them first.

Currently, you can participate in 3 types of online public solo PUBG tournaments:
Assassin – To win this tournament, you will need to make as many kills as you can.
Destroyer – This one is a competition for damage dealers.
Survivor – And here you will need to win as many matches as you can.
The closer you will be to the first place, the higher will be your reward (10 out of 100 players win prizes).

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Once you join a tournament, you will have 2 hours to play 3 matches in PUBG, with tournament settings (perspective and map).

The tournament ends when there are 100 players in it, and each one played 3 matches.

PUBG Online tornament Earn Money
PUBG Online tournament Earn Money

How to join our affiliate program

If you are a streamer / social media influencer or have a lot of friends who play PUBG and want to participate in our tournaments,
You can earn money by referring them to our platform, while they win real money prizes! Do you need more Online Earning opportunities Like these? Check Here, If you are in Nigeria Start Making Money Reselling Data, Airtime, and Bills Here

Create a new affiliate account

Once you sign up, a new and unique url will be generated for you in your affiliate panel.
Use this url anywhere to refer players to Reactiq.

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Referred users will start paying

Your referred users will signup and start playing in our tournaments, each time they join a tournament, you receive 10% of the entry fee.

Withdraw your earnings playing PUB Games

You can track your stats, referred users activity and earnings in your affiliate panel, once you reach $30, you can request a withdrawal.

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