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2GB for N500 Airtel Binge Activation Code

2GB for N500 Airtel Binge Activation Code

Airtel Binge 2GB for N500 is a recent one from Airtel Nigeria. This data plan has been added to their download bundle package for their customers, and it can be utilized to download stuffs such as movies, games, apps, and so on. However, it should be noted that the plan is valid for just 24 hours.

So, such a plan is for a specific purpose, and it will be useful to anyone anytime. There are times when a person will intend downloading a lot of important stuffs, but there is no Wi-Fi around. In such a case, the person can simply subscribe to airtel 2GB for N500.


Yes,the Binge data plan works on all Android, iPhone, PC and any other internet enabled devices – so, no need for worries.

This is not an everyday plan quite alright, as it’s there for a purpose, and it’s just for 24 hours. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible to subscribe again the same day should in case the initial one got exhausted.
How to Activate Airtel Binge 2GB for N500

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To activate this plan, simply load N500 recharge card on your airtel line and dial this code *141*504# to subscribe.

Don’t forget that the plan is valid for just 24hours (which is one day).

An alternative download bundle is Airtel 1gb for #350 plan. It is also a new plan for those that seek to download stuffs online without having to spend big.

How To Activate Airtel Download Bundle

You should simply recharge your Airtel line with N400 or have at least N350 balance and then dial *141*354# to subscribe to the plan

Customers can dial this USSD code from an android smartphone, iPhone, blackberry, or Symbian phone. In fact, if you are making use of java phones, you can still enjoy it.

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Just note that the offer is valid just for 24 hours and works on all mobile devices and Personal computers.


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