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Make Money Online With Just 1000 Naira

Make Money Online With Just 1000 Naira

In Nigeria, many of us have seen the numerous benefits attached to the internet, and realise that we can actually make a fortune utilizing this superb technology. However, one of the factors still holding many back is money, and it is necessary to expose you to how to get started with just #1000.

Some might think they need a fortune before they can start an online business, but it is wrong. This article will give you the necessary push and encouragement to start with whatever is in your hands.

make money
Make money

While there are various legitimate ways to make money online with 1000 Naira, we have selected these ones:

1. Fiverr

This is a freelance platform that allows anyone to perform tasks for clients that are in need of the service, and you get paid for it. On the platform, anyone can earn cash with any skill they have.

The platform is also opened to Nigerians (in fact, a lot of Nigerians are already taking advantage of the platform for years now). Simply go ahead and register on the website and start making money.

2. Kindle Publishing

This is a platform owned by Amazon, and you can make money from it here in Nigeria. With the platform, you only need a Data subscription, your device (preferably a computer), and your writing skills (or you can hire someone to do it for you)

Kindle Publishing is all about publishing books that will sold on amazon. However, take note that it is very competitive, as there are a lot of writers already on the platform.

After doing those things stated above, you can publish your book and begin to earn money with it. One of the interesting things about Amazon is that they do a lot in term of marketing (although that doesn’t mean you should sit back and not promote your book). Therefore, to increase your chances of getting successfully on amazon, you should try to put certain important things in place, including having a nice cover and publicity.

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3. Affiliate Marketing

Any Nigerian can become an affiliate marketer with just a thousand Naira, and they can find themselves at the top anytime soon. One of the reasons this medium will continue to flourish is because firms always need people to help sell their products, and they won’t mind giving you commison.

There are local and international platforms you can take advantage of here in Nigeria. Anyone can go into this, but must be ready to work very hard to increase your sales, and be diligent in all you do. There are various ways to promote your products. You can make use of social media, Google Search, online forums, and so on and so forth.

4. Write and Sell E-books

Many people out there don’t have an idea about what you know, and they are ready to pay you for it if presented nicely to them. You can therefore package anything you are quite knowledgeable about into an info product, and sell it to people who desire the knowledge.

Knowledge is very powerful, and folks out there want to acquire it so they could improve in various ways. People our there craves for the knowledge you have right now, and they want to pay you for it. Take note however that many times, money won’t just begin to roll in automatically, but you need to take some steps. One of them is ensuring you promote what you’ve got very well. You should take advantage of different marketing strategies to market your knowledge to people, and you will make your money.

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5. Online Photo Selling

With just your smartphone (that have got an impressive camera), you can start this (with a capital that is less than#1000) and begin making your money after some time. You don’t need to know a lot of things about photography, but you should know what nice pictures are. You can sell your pictures directly, or choose to sell them on some already established websites like Flickr.com and gettyimages.com

Having listed these five mediums, you shouldn’t be held back by capital again. Just start from somewhere, and before you know it, you will find yourself in a broader place.


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