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How To Chat a Number on WhatsApp Without Adding Them To Phone Contact

How To Chat a Number on WhatsApp Without Adding Them To Phone Contact

If you searching for how you can chat or message a particular number on whatsapp without the need to first add them to your contact list, then this article is yours.

We are presenting a tutorial that will help you get this done easily through any of the two methods we have explained here.

For many people, it is not possible to message a number on the app that is not added to their phone contact list, except if they receive a contact’s number from someone else inside, probably, a WhatsApp chat or via a whatsapp group. However, there are ways things can still be done.


As we all should know already, WhatsApp, now owned by Mark Zuckerberg, is regarded as the most famous instant messaging platform in the world. Therefore, it has become a big part of our life, and many people relies on it to communicate swiftly with those they know.

Now, there are times when one would want to message a random phone number on the app, but isn’t interested in saving the person’s number first. That is one of the benefits of this article. We have given you guidelines to get this done.

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How to send a WhatsApp Message/Chat Without Saving the Contacts

The first way to do it is by utilizing a new feature Whatsapp themselves gave us (I.e wa.me links).

Here is how to get it done.

First of all launch the web browser on your device, and and enter this link

Now, remove the “ phonenumber ” and insert the person’s digits instead. Ensure you add the country and region code, but make sure you don’t put any + or – or () or 00.

This is an example. Let us say the person’s phone number is +2348099900990 in Nigeria, you would go to the URL: https ://wa.me/234809990 0990 .

After that is done, launch it, and you will see a WhatsApp window that will prompt you to send a message to that particular number.

You should simply click ‘send message’, and the page will automatically redirect to WhatsApp with the ‘start chatting’ window to the person you entered in your phone.

With that done, chatting can begin to take place without the need for saving the person’s number on your phone contact list.

Now, let us go to the other way to get this done. What you are to do is to simply download an app called “click to chat” on your smartphone.

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After downloading the app and launching it, you will enter the phone number you intend chatting with, and then, tap a button, and you will be taken to a newly-created chat in WhatsApp.

You see that it is not difficult to do at all. Pretty straightforward and simple. Don’t forget to share this post with others.

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