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9 Best News Apps for Android and iOS in 2019

9 Best News Apps for Android and iOS in 2019

This article is about the best news apps for Android and iOS devices in 2019. With these apps, anyone can be up to date with latest things happening around the globe (be it sports, politics, education, and so on)

These news apps are simply content aggregators that streamline the best news headlines from various top online news media in the world, and we can’t deny the fact that they are gradually replacing classic newspapers and radio/TV broadcast today.

news apps
News app

Due to the fact that more and more people are now getting their own Android device, apps of this sort keeps growing, and there are now various developers crafting their own apps. But don’t worry, this is a list of reliable news app that are against fake news, and which you can always trust at all times.

1. Google News

This is owned by Google – a big company as far as the internet is concerned. Google news is a news app that delivers latest content in the news feeds. The app offers ad-free news stories and it is available on both Android And iOS platforms.

2. Opera News App

Opera decided to dive into the news app industry, and they have been successful to a reasonable extent. Their news aggregator app known as “ Opera News ” delivers trending news articles around the United States and the world at large. On the app, you will discover that news are carefully arranged in categories for easy access based on interest, and users can also choose to be served news related to their country by indicating that.

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3. Microsoft News

Also known as MSN news, this news app offers you latest news ranging from local politics, global politics, entertainment, lifestyle, and so on. Users will enjoy smooth experience with its structured design, making it extremely easy to navigate through the app. We should also add that the app came with a feature known as “Night mode”. This helps to limit the eye strain while reading news from one’s phone at night or in dark environments.

4. Apple News

The popular company behind iPhone also made their own news app known as “Apple News”. However, we should note that this comes pre-installed on all iOS mobile devices and is not available for Android users.

5. Flipboard

Here is another one that has superb user friendly design and aesthetic appeal. The app It is designed with an impressive magazine-like user interface and offers a print-style page layout.

6. Scooper News App

It used to be Eagleee news, but it has been re-branded. The news app delivers trending news articles ranging from sports, politics, video, and so on, straight to one’s device. However, note that it is majorly for countries like Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana.

7. AOL — News, Mail & Video

This is a very popular news source in America, and their app is a news aggregator that is available on Android and iOS. Users are offered latest news and nique unbiased opinions.

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8. Smart News App

The app analyzes millions of news articles every second and groups them accordingly. Users have the liberty to setup and customize delivery time in the notification settings. It has a smart news mode which displays news articles with minimal graphics which in turn saves data.

9. InShorts — 60 words news summary

This is a popular one from India, and it is gaining more popularity with it uniqueness. This app offers a summary of your news in less than sixty words – so, you don’t need to miss any of the news again.


Having taken our time to explore these apps, you don’t have any excuse not to be updated with things happening around the world again. Get them on your device, and get updated

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