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Download 2go Apk Free Latest Version For All Devices

Download 2go Apk Free Latest Version For All Devices

This app is one of the most famous chatting apps that helps connects friends, and also utilised for making new friends.

Of course, before the spread of smartphone devices, 2go was at the scene (before Whatsapp and Blackberry Messenger came) However, the app is still relevant, and is with new features.

download 2go
Download 2go

In this article, we will present a link to download 2go apk latest version 4.5.11 for your device (irrespective of the operating system you use)

As far back as 2007, some intelligent developers were able to create 2go, and they ensured it was embraced by millions of users (especially those using java and symbian phones then).

When the likes of Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger eventually came around, a lot of people dumped 2go messenger due to various reasons. In fact, having considered the superb features of the likes of Whatsapp, many users begin to tag 2go as an app for kids and teenagers.

However, what you must know is that 2go now have the types of features enjoyed on Whatsapp and the rest. In fact, there are some features you will see on 2go that are not yet available on other chatting apps.


One impressive thing about 2go is that it was designed with a friendly interface. It is easy to operate, and new users can find their way around it with great ease.

First, users must download it on their device from https://www.m.2go.im/ and then proceed to setup their profile starting their phone number.

Next, go ahead building your profile (add a profile picture, age, occupation and other relevant things)

Now, users can share pictures and files with their friends. Compared with a heavy app like Whatsapp that can’t work on various devices with lower systems, Whatsapp can work on any phone. Meaning those with Java phones can still download the app and go ahead making use of it.


• The app is very lite so demands no heavy memory.
• 2go is pretty very fast.
• 2go app for android functions properly on any network including 2g, 3g and 4g networks.
• The app can be used anywhere and supports java, Symbian, blackberry and Android.
• No dull moment between you and your friends
• 2go allows you to meet new friends.
• The app allows you to connect with existing friends and build good relationships.
• You can connect with more friends of similar interests on 2go room.
• It has categorized 2go rooms and custom themes.
• You can get free 2go credits.
• 2go ranking.
• There are lots of 2go emojis.
• Flexibility of profile picture updates.
• Status updates.
• 2go calls.
• Chat notifications.
• Users can share files.
• You can acquire Gocredits and play 2go games.
• Users can enjoy latest feature called “2go 6.2.0 fastlane” that lets them receive latest sports news from news24 and Supersports.
• The app is free to use.


You can download 2go app apk for Android via play store by clicking this link

Click here if you use an iPhone

If you use either a java, Symbian or windows phone, download the app from 2go mobile website .


When the app have been downloaded, simply launch it and enter your country with your phone number.

Make sure you don’t make mistakes while fixing that. But should in case the phone number you provided has been used to logged in before, you will simply be logged in.

But users that haven’t registered before are required to fill a short form, that will create their account and will attached a password they should remember.

When those are settled, the person can proceed and start adding friends to chat with. They might also choose to go to the chat rooms to make new friends.


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